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  1. dirc


    Jan 31, 2018

    I have to agree with that grizzly ridge option for only $80, it's s30v steel which is still an excellent edc choice and it has a good size 3.5" blade

    I also agree with checking out the pm3, it's perfect for many people

    (the native from spyderco is also really great, if you like the blade shape more, but they tend to cost more)
  2. superpog

    superpog Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 9, 2019
    there is a "non-cheap" bugout version out there for sure, check out 535-191 Bugout :D:D
  3. effenoam


    Mar 19, 2013
    The bugout should be plenty strong but wont have that "feel". The nicest "feeling" folder I've found is the spyderco manix. However I've used a "cheap" feeling griptilian for years without issue. Long story short go for G10 with steel liners if you want "the feel".
  4. SteelPanther


    Nov 9, 2019
    if u want benchmade I'd start with a griptillian...imo the bugout is junk I just don't like that knife another option would be the bailout
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  5. BilboBaggins

    BilboBaggins Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 14, 2016
    I'd recommend the Manix 2. I think it will "feel" more premium and is a better knife imho if you don't mind the pocket real estate loss.
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  6. anthonycastorena2014

    anthonycastorena2014 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 2014
    The Deka is is G10. The steel is significantly better in use. I use my knives and hard. The standard bugout feels like a toy.The CF Elite still feels like plastic. (I owned the Socp gen 2 and traded it) The lock does not stick in the Deka. The springs are Wolf Springs. (Seriously reputable and considered the best or close to in the gun world). The feel in hand is night and day CF elite or not. The visual appeal is better IMO . The Bugout looks like a gas station knife. And all of this cost you $20 from one knife to the other. I understand the 20% more weight but that weight is so miniscule for so much more. The only downfall is the amount of screws but that actually does not bother me too much at all. Comes Mirror Sharp. The qc from Hogue is consistently excellent. I own and love several benchmades but sometimes they are hit or miss. Of corse these are just my thoughts. Get whichever you like brother! In the grand scheme of things, your opinion of your knife is all that truly matters.

    The way I see it it wins in literally every category that a user cares about.
  7. Velitrius

    Velitrius Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2000
    I was under the impression that you had not owned or handled one yet, as your initial post stated you had one coming Monday and would post "first impressions".

    So I wondered how you would come up with the lock not sticking in the Deka. (The lock doesn't stick in the Bugout either, BTW. It ain't a liner.) Or how you would deduce that the feel in hand was night and day, for instance. You must have handled one someplace before you ordered?

    I use my knives as well, and with this size and scope of knife I can't really say that one of these steels is better than the other for me. So it's kinda a wash.

    If you consider every category that a user cares about, you'll find that many are subjective. Like the Bugout looking like a gas station knife to you, or feeling like it is plastic, or the Deka having better visual appeal. These are certainly valid features that you use for your choice, just like my preference for deep carry clip and lighter weight.

    I have not heard of the benefit of using Wolf Springs. I'll have to look it up. Never had an issue with BM's Omega springs though.

    I'm going to end up with both of these, and really I can't wait to compare them side by side. Maybe I'll have a new favorite!
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  8. sharp_edge

    sharp_edge Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 30, 2015
    I am with this guy. Hogue Ritter is probably the best folder at ~$160 in the market.
  9. unklfranco


    Apr 2, 2011
    The bugout is a great little knife. I was going to pull the trigger on it but after handling it, I knew it was not gonna cut it. It just felt flimsy. I know the materials are top notch but it wasn't sturdy feeling in hand. The Adamas is sturdy but a totally different kind of knife. For EDC, I prefer a thin hollow ground blade like the Buck 110. YMMV but try to handle it first. Good luck and keep cutting.
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  10. Scott J.

    Scott J. Basic Member Basic Member

    Jun 8, 2019
    Don't forget about Buck. They have some great folders. Just get a USA one.
    You want solids 112 or 110
    Or 112 or 11o slim PRO
    Or Vantage
    Or Spitfire and Spitfire mini.
  11. anthonycastorena2014

    anthonycastorena2014 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 2014
    I handled a buddies Blue Warnie before I knew it was offered In different blade styles and different handle configurations. I almost pulled the trigger on a bailout as I believe it is sporting aluminum handles, then saw a post with a pic of the Deka I have on the way. I have handled several Bugouts. If you flick it with any wrist you're bound to get a little stick. Meaning it doesn't want to dislodge from the front of the slider. Its not uncommon in the bugout. My Crooked river also suffered from this for a while but eventually broke in. The SOCP Second gen I traded also stuck a little too. Doesn't have to be a liner lock to stick bud. Believe it or not new Triads and frame locks can stick too. Regardless I'd be glad to provide feedback to the OP on my Deka. It will be in tomorrow.
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  12. Velitrius

    Velitrius Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2000
    LOL, yeah... I have examples of each with a variety of lock stick. I simply tossed "liner" out there as an example of a lock that's susceptible.

    Do swing back in and throw out some first impressions on it, and some pics!

    What were your impressions of the Wharnie you handled? This is the configuration I'm eyeballing on the Deka.
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  13. anthonycastorena2014

    anthonycastorena2014 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 2014
    My impressions of the wharnie was that list I ranted about earlier :p . It was cool as hell, but I didn't like the compound grind wharnie very much. I'm more of a clip point guy. When I saw the same knife in my preferred colors and clip point I pounced on it like a hungry Tiger King tiger!!!
  14. GatorFlash1

    GatorFlash1 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 28, 2012
    Hi Florida -
    Here is a video about my recommendation. It is a light weight model, tough, good steel, good lockup, a great edc. It was designed by the master knife guy at Spyderco, Sal Glesser.

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  15. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Movin' on up...... You have your eye on the Bugout, get one. It will be a fairly big step up from your $35 knife. I very much like the Benchmade axis lock. I've done the flipper, assisted openers and so on, but I chose the Benchmade Mini Presidio II for my regular modern carry. I love the axis lock and this knife does it very well for me as I like a modern that I "can" open one handed but generally open with two. All that said, I am in a big Vic SAK rut and not likely to climb out of it. One knife in the pocket.... it's a Vic. Two folding knives... out comes the Mini Presidio II.

    The most important thing is that you like it. Hence you will carry it.
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  16. Pilot1

    Pilot1 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 24, 2005
    If you really want an upgrade in a lightweight, EDC for a bit more money get one of the Benchmade 940 variants. It ill feel a lot more substantial than the Bugout if that is important. Nothing wrong with the Bugout though.
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  17. whp


    Apr 26, 2009
    Three high quality knives to look at, as mentioned by others, are the PM2, the Manix2, and for hard use, the Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter.

    I find Benchmade knives a bit high priced for what you get. The best Benchmade to start with might be the Griptilian.
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  18. anthonycastorena2014

    anthonycastorena2014 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 2014
    Got my Deka today. Love it man. I like the clip point alone better than the warnie. Its size,weight and function are spot on. Glad to have it in the collection!
  19. Vis07


    Dec 25, 2019
  20. afishhunter

    afishhunter Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 21, 2014
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