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1st post on forum! stuff to trade.

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Jul 20, 2010
Hi folks, here a few items I have available for trade:

BM 940 Osborne Reverse tanto green -brand new in box; had a duplicate

BM 551 Cabela's black with black D2 blade--slightly used around the house--just not a great fan of the black coating

Spyderco Endura 4 Black handle with saber ground blade--slightly used around the house--picked up the full flat grind which I prefer now.

2 of the SOG Spec Elite 1--this blade is just too darn long for an edc blade, and I enjoy some others like it better, like my CS Large plain edge Voyager.

Buck Vantage Pro--Very good edc, but I'm learning I'm not much of a flipper guy

Ones I'm holding on to but would consider if I find their duplicates in my collection are Lone Wolf Longhorn G-10 plain edge, BM Orange Grip, Bradley Alias II plain edge (this one's got some good use on it--should have it cleaned and sharpened); not sure I'd part ways with the large sebenza classic or 21 but am always looking for new or old cool stuff. I'm especially interested in any framelocks or cool Spyderco's. Especially interested in the Lone Wolf older T2. Not interested in assisted or automatics.

I've also got a Leatherman Surge (one's been used hard, one's a backup) that I could throw into a deal.

thx guys, let me know if anyone's interested
Would you be interested in a cold steel american lawman for the buck?
Have different combinations to offer. If interested, please email me at:
cockedlocked01 at yahoo dot com

That way we both can send pics, too.

Thank you.
I have a large Benchmade Bone Collector with green and black g10 and plain edge I'd be willing to swap for the 940 if you're interested.