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2 Koyotes: LBK and EDC model #57

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Dec 12, 2002
LBK- Used but excellent condition. A tool to last a lifetime, very comfortable and secure in hand, built in guard. I find no hotspots or uncomfortable grips in this knife. I hate to let it go as it is pretty much irreplaceable.
While the quality of the sheath is excellent, the design of the hanger did not account for the weight of the knife riding high and it falls over into a horizontal position. This did not bother me much as it is still secure and convenient but you may want to have the sheath reworked.
Steel is likely 1080 or L6 as these were favorites of Christoff.
I rehab my working knives occasionally and just did both of these. I use steel wool, 500, 1K and 1200 grit paper to clean the knives and polish the edge. NO electrical equipment, just finger and paper. These are high quality tools.

Slab to tip- 4.24"
edge to spine- 1.50"
blade thickness .130
Handle length 4.8"/ width- .95" at butt, .9 at guard
slab from to back-1.1" at butt/ .88 below guard/ 1.35 at guard

200.00 delivered in US. Paypal or USPS-------------------SOLD- Thank you.

I have more pics if desired.

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EDC Model #57- Deep green canvas micarta, pins are slighty proud.

One of the best EDC fixed blades I have owned and THE best EDC sheath I have ever owned- really excellent design and work.

Handle is a three finger length but fat so it is very comfortable and secure. It is used but looks as good if not better than the day I got it. I mentioned how I maintain the knife in post above. Knife is used to cut- not chop or batonned. Very comfortable in many grips, used for food prep, carving, animal dressing and meat removal/deboning.

You can see that the scales are not perfectly symmetrical thickness at the front- very slight difference. I am being VERY nitpicky as I want the buyer to be as happy with knife as I have been.

Slab to tip- 3"
edge to spine- .90"
thick- .121"
handle length- 3.30"
thick- .80 at butt/.780 at front.
.90 edge to spine at butt/.750 at front to 9.70 at guard.

200.00 delivered in US. Paypal or USPS money order.------------SOLD- thank you.


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