2 piece knives for fixed blades (Microtech & Benchmade)


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Apr 6, 2009
I just can't get on board with non-fixed bladed knives... as much as I try I'm a fixed blade man to my core.

That being said I have 2 VERY nice knives that aren't fixed blades that I'd like to trade for very nice knives that are fixed blades. And am willing to trade both for one if you have an epic fixed blade to trade. The one exception is I will consider folders in CPM 3V steel with non-serrated blades 3.5" or longer. If you have some giant 5" folder in 3V I'm interested.

Few parameters... My ideal blade length is 6" to 7". More than 7" and I really wont carry it daily... so it'll just sit in my blade room. No serrations... I don't do them. I prefer high end steels like CPM 3V. And I prefer kydex sheaths over leather or nylon. That being said... I'm still open to offers... but those are my preferences.

What I have...

1. Microtech Combat Troodon in excellent shape... carried only minutely... there may be a spot of wear somewhere... but it's in pretty excellent and new shape.


2. Benchmade 87 Balisong. Also in excellent shape. Not carried... but handled and that matte titanium might show a handling mark here and there but it's otherwise new.