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2 Robert Hankins knives

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Jan 27, 2003
A nice bowie and a one of a kind fighting utility:
Here's what Robert told me about them:
On the Bowie: Made from 1/4" O1 tool steel, convex ground, edge quenched. OAL 12 5/8" blade 7 1/2", handle is Walnut with his first attempt at Cable Damascus for the guard material, satin finish.
On the fighting , utility; a ONE of a kind "fighting utility" S5 shock steel, custom micarta. The knife was ordered by an Operator in Afghanistan (so it is unmarked/sterol) but the guy could not come up with the money at delivery time.
Pic available.
Looking for Bark Rivers, Blackjack, Spydie Moran drop point, pukkos, camp knives etc.
May take a knife and cash combo or multi knives to work a trade.
E-mail me if interested.
thanks and be safe...