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2-the-HILT knife shop

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Jan 24, 2001
:)hey, guy's ,this day in age, when everybody
complains about the least little thing's.
there is a Possitive place out there to go !!!
it's called : 2-THE-HILT knife shop.
the item's i bought were not expensive,
(well under $100.00 ) they still gave me
the service of an individual that would have
bought a $800.00 knife !!
Phil is a CLASS ACT !
buy with confidence from them, you won't be
dissapointed. :D :cool:
I second that motion, Phil is fantastic. He sold me a Battle Mistress, and everything from customer service, the the product was fantastic.
Phil is a great guy. Have made many deals with him.. He is very fair, reasonable and trustworthy..

Just my .02..



Phil is a man of his word and a class act! Two things that are all too rare in todays society.

Thank you


No doubt, my experiences with Phil have been just as those listed above
Phil Dahl
I cannot think of anyway that Phil DeVries could be a better guy to deal with! (Unless maybe he GAVE knives away!);)
He has searched out anything I have asked for and given great prices and service! I just got my MT medallion from him at an awesome price and he was a real pleasure to deal with. (As usual)

Phil, thanks for being an awesome guy to deal with!!!!!!