2007 SOG Knives


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Jul 29, 2006
Dear [email protected]

You guys have lots of Sk-5 stock right? Why can't you offer some of your fixed blades in that steel this year(Tigershark! damn it, gimme a SK-5 Tigershark!:grumpy: )? I'm sure alot of people here at BF and probably through other means have already express the desire to see more of your knives offered in SK-5 or other non stainless tool steel. It'd cost more... but that way you could offer people who is into high carbon steels an attractive alternative to AUS6; AUS8:yawn: ! since I heard SK-5 is very similiar to O1 used by Randall and Mad Dog... :thumbup: I for one wouldn't mind paying extra for it~ Please make my dream (SK-5 Tigershark non serrated with whatver coating/no coating) come true in your 2008 catalogue! Thanks in Advance!:p

ditto for me, Ill buy one