3/32" AEB-L run, EDChefs and More for 2024

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Good afternoon friends. I would like to offer EDChefs again.

The paper Micarta handled prototype I made from a sawmill blade three and a half years ago:


A G10 handled AEB-L one I made a year and a half ago:

A few more following that era:

An OG in 15N20 with paper Micarta from three or so years ago, with one from over two years later in AEB-L, with salmon G10:

And some of the newer ones with the now standard handle scale indent sheath retention feature:

15N20 carbon steel and black Suretouch with upgrade to red G10 liners:

15N20 and an upgraded handle consisting of Black Suretouch, Green and black suretouch, and green liners and spacers:

In this thread, I'm only gauging interest, looking for a head count of those interested in the following blade. I'm going to provide info on the base model, but upgrades to it will be possible, with those options listed here:

The steel thickness for this order will be as close to 3/32", or .093" that I can get. After having made a number of chefs and EDChefs all the way from .06", to .125", I feel that .093" is an ideal thickness for my kitchen cutlery, allowing extremely thin grinds and great slicing, while also having enough spine thickness that pushing on the crowned spine that comes standard with my kitchen cutlery can be done without even a hint of discomfort.

Because Jarod is still catching up, this order would be waterjet cut by New Jersey Steel Baron, and heat treated by Peter's, with peen straightening done by me in my shop. I'd be looking at hardening these to 62-63 RC.

For this run, the EDChef base model will be according to the following profile, and specs:


It will include crowned spine, single piece scales of in stock handle material, solid brass pins, and a Boltaron taco sheath, which will have retention molded to an comfortably rounded indent on each scale at the front pin. Price will be $155 each. And these ones will be the best yet.

Depending on the response to this thread, the run could be anywhere from big, to small, to not at all. Once I have an idea what the demand is, I will have a better idea whether I will need deposits, and if so how much. So let's see what happens.

If you would like a brand new EDChef in 2024, here's the place to chime in.
Thread title changed. Yes, I will be adding models to this order, all within the same alloy, thickness and hardness. I will be posting images here soon of the models I'm going to get a waterjet quote on from NJSB. If you have something else in mind, let me know.

New variant on the dagger. Broader blade for better slicing, and to maintain some strength, given that the previous design was over twice as thick. Handle hollow is less aggressive, because I have a friend who will want the handle narrowed down even further, due to his unique hand specs.

Almost forgot to mention: Insomniac is based on the Midnighter Fighter. I am considering it a collab, because the idea for it did not occur to me until R RSL19 aka Rich Lamiroult of Empire Outfitters told me he thought a 4.5" blade version of the MF would be a great idea. So I told him I would design it, and now here it is. So the knife will happen either way, but there is a possibility that it will end up being available through Empire Outfitters.