3/32" AEB-L run, EDChefs and More for 2024

Dear friends, if you are awaiting a knife on this run, and we have not yet discussed the handle and sheath options, will you be so kind as to shoot me an email or PM so we can get those details sorted? I’m going to begin processing these orders starting with those I know the details for. Thanks!
I'd be in for a paring knife of sorts. More or less standard 4" paring knife dimensions/proportions, but with a dropped tip...either k-tip style or like a CRK Insingo. Basically a paring knife that still makes it easy to get the tip down on a cutting board.

Just putting the idea out there to see if it generates enough interest.
I was originally thinking something like a Speed Weasel would be great, but given 15N20's toughness, I think something a little larger is in order. I'll wait for a different steel for a Speed Weasel.
I have AEBL speed Weasels in stock right now.
3/32” AEBL thread
Moved the discussion to this thread where the info is posted. See page one, post #11.
Everything but the Isomniac, which you can get from RSL19, and the EDChef, which I have a few but they are booked.
Getting low on Birdies and Scouts though.
Can the blanks be turned into Badgers? (Assume so) What’s the base price on the blanks?

What’s the price on the daggers?
They are begging to be turned into Badgers. PM incoming.