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Dec 22, 2006
I have the following Masters of defense knives for trade *traded*
-Mark 1 manual pe carried 4 times used very lightly with pouch and prylon sheath
-Mark 2 manual pe carried once never cut. *traded*
-hornet carried often but still in excellent condition *traded*
all have boxes

What im looking for
any plain edge spyderco
benchmade 710 d2 plain edge
benchmade 910 d2 plain edge
I have a 710 pre prod. model in ats34 if you have any interest in it for a trade? If ya do give me a shout as i would love to do some kind of deal on the MarkII or even Mark I. I would even throw in a "pimped" SOCFK EKI that is razor sharp. Let me know, keepem sharp and Happy New Year.
Responded to your email. We have a deal on the II. keepem sharp and happy new year.