5.11 ATAC L2, Sunwayman R10R


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Aug 21, 2016
Running through my inventory and noted there are lights i bought yrs ago but did not get to use much. Noted i don't have the original boxes and papers given the vintage and i deemed them all as users but functioned very well (barely used any).

Fenix TK15 - $old- this is the model pre-2016. Use two CR123 or one 18650. With a pouch and lanyard. bought this for hunting. 337 lumens with adjustable modes. Fenix is one of the reliable brands in the flashlight market.

5.11 ATAC L2 - $20 - bought this together when bought their 12 hour rush pack. Use two CR123 or one 18650. Pretty compact and light while with 320 lumens.

Sunwayman R10R - $10 - use 1 CR123 battery and very compact with 205 lumens.

PM for any question - PP F&F with USPS flat main given the low price. CONUS only.


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