A blast from the past

Nov 26, 1999
Hello everyone,

For those of you who remember me, nice to see you again. For those of you that don't, how ya doing.

To get to the point, I'm looking for a good double edge fixed blade to carry everywhere. No serration, except for maybe at the base of the blade. I saw one that SOG makes, but I'm not too hot on spending $105 for 440 SS. I've looked in a couple of places, but I haven't seen much that I like. Any ideas where I can go? Don't get me wrong if I could carry a khuk everywhere and get away with it I would. Unfortunatly I can't, I've tried. Any ideas are good ones. Thanks all.

- D
I'm not too keen on double edged blades but besides that you would need to set some more perimeters for the knife you desire, such as oal, blade width and thickness, etc.:)
And if there's nothing being made with your qualifications in the factories then it would behoove you to ask in the Shoptalk Forum for a custom made dagger.
I know a double edge doesn't always make a dagger, but never the less I think some courts designate them as such.:(

And a custom made by some of the guys in the Shoptalk Forum may not be as expensive as you might think.
A lot of the price would depend on your choice of materials and such.

Buy a smaller H.I.Khukuri and grind the top edge sharp a ways back, then carry it in an under the arm mode.
Held in a reverse grip the khukuri is great for stabbing and with the curve in the blade it would make a terrific knife for a back cut as well.:eek: :D

DAYUM !!!!!!! The HIKK is so new I forgot all about it!!!!!!!:(
Thanks for the reminder Bro.
That would be an excellent choice!!!!
Something like this?
HIKK sounds like a possibility. It is large though, maybe not so great for carry. I have been carrying mine in a satchel that I keep with me. It has all kinds of stuff in it. Maybe it is like a purse? Am I in touch with my femine side?
Double edged fixed blades are illegal to carry in many places. That said, I find the Applegate-Fairbairn design to be nicely balanced. I have an old one from Blackjack, but those are no longer made. I think Boker is making the design now.

(Added in edit)
The design I'm thinking of is pictured at http://store.knifecenter.com/pgi-Product Spec?boaf12, . I have not done business with this company, just wanted to reference their picture and description.
There are a couple of Boker MiniSmatchets on the exchange for about $50, and they are pretty nice. Good German construction and good ergnomics for carry and use.
What up D? To answer your question I think you should look at Strider knives at www.striderknives.com They have this model, the JW, that's double edged. It's only 6.25" long though (I think). You may find it kinda pricey too, but from what I hear they're well worth the cost. BTW how's the Air Force?
D, Hi, someone has already mentioned this but I feel it deserves repeating just about everywhere double edge knives (aka, dirks, daggers) are seriously frowned upon. Rock pile time.
Don't mean to preach but some things just aren't worth it.
Good fixed carry blades- Gerber has two the Guardian Back Up a boot knife for $45.00, my personal favorite the Yari with a kydex sheath for $100.00. From Camillus they have some cheap but servicable Boot Knives $24.00 and an excellent design by Bob Terzuola Close Quarter Battle Blades two sizes $120.00 and $125.00.
Check out www.knifecenter.com excellent prices and he carries just about every knife made. Production and semi production that is.
If you're in the military and this is a backup for covering your behind or for survival sits, cost should be your last concern.
Well I've finished preaching for today!
HIKK... Mmmmm... Niiice...

The HIKK is a big knife, though... If you can lay your hands on a Gerber MK-I or Guardian I (you can usually find them on ebay), I would reccomend one of those... Sturdy, dependable knives... Of course, legality is in issue... I cant carry one here in Nebraska, as the legal limit is 3.5" (fixed or non, single or double edge, doesnt matter here)... Looks like I need to move back to Arizona, where you can carry three kuks, two pistols, and a shotgun under your jacket if you go to class and get that CCW licence...

Right now, I have to satisfy myself with either a Benchmade Osbourne folder, or my old style Gerber Guardian (the 3.5" version of the Guardian I)... I would carry my Benchmade Ballisong, but alas, in Nebraska, they are ALSO illegal... Man, I NEVER get to have fun. :(
Have you looked at what Cold Steel has to offer. I think they have a few blades that might fit the bill for you.
Forgot about the Cold Steel offerings. Good idea Jaeger. D, have you thought about the Safekeeper II from Cold Steel? Cool knife. Not the best steel, but I like it a lot. It's a push dagger with a 4 3/4" blade. Check out www.knifeoutlet.com I got mine there for $39.95! Good service too.
Kamagong: Cold Steel undoubtedly makes good knives, but I have to say that not only are push daggers illegal in many states, but they simply aren't versatile enough for the rapidly changing dynamics of a combat/self defense situation...

You know, everyone, including myself, is bringing out the "legality" issue (heck, I just did it twice)... Honestly, if you're a law abiding citizen like most of the population, you're not going to have much trouble with the police... sure, there's still a chance you might get caught with a blade over the legal limit (like you didn't realize you were two MPH over the speed limit and the cop was having a bad day), but stuff like that is usually not going to happen...

You have to weigh the consequences of carrying something that is "illegal" against being prepared when the hitsay hits the anfay... Personally, I carried the Ballisong (in my opinion, hands down, the BEST combat folder on the planet) for years, and still do on occasion... The reason I don't is because its an older model and, like my older Gerber MK-1s and Guardians, can no longer be easily replaced without paying an arm and a leg... That, and it always sucks to lose a good knife, perhaps one that you've become very attached to... To me, there's something very magical and personal about a blade...

For me, its cheaper to be "legal"... And, since I'm not replacing confiscated knives, I have more money to spend on Khukuris! :D

I also would not carry around a push dagger because of the legality issue. I do have one though in my house. Sometimes we forget that just because it is illegal to carry something does not mean that it is illegal to own it.

I recommended the Safe Keeper because our friend, VHD, is in the military. I don't know what he'll be using it for, but if he ever goes into harm's way I doubt that he'll be worrying about legality very much,
Alright, bottom to top:

TomF-Nice, but I don't like black blades, the glow of polished steel is a must. Also a little on the pricey side for E-3 pay.

Push daggers- No way. I could do more damage with my fist alone, also they seem dishonorable. Don't ask why.

Knifecenter- They're alright, I didn't see much I liked except the Applegate- Fairbairn

Striderknives- I like the KH, but not for $275

Smatchets- Too fat and ugly, no style. I know this has no bearing on the abilities of the blade, but thats the way I am. Just ask Uncle Bill.

Applegate-Fairbairn- really nice, I know from reputation that they're awsome, but I think I'm looking for a slightly slimmer blade.

Spectre- kinda like that.

I think I might have to go custom made, I don't know. The question is, who's good at custom work for a fair price?

What's an HIKK?? Ive obviously been gone too long, when HI has new products that I have no idea of.

I'm thinking around 10-12" oal. about 4 1/2" blade give or take. Probably 1045 steel if I can get it, or some other decent metal that will take a good thrashing, hold a good edge. Handle material, I'm pretty indifferent.I don't really want wood, but if that's the way it goes so be it. Also I'd like to have some kind of cross guard. A slim blade easily concealed, yet with a decent range and a fast draw.

As for the legal issues, for me it's a matter of is the law that's been placed in my best interest. If I get fined or put in jail for the weapon that I carry I've made that choice, and I'll live with it. In all honesty I'm pretty much a law abiding citizen. I just don't agree with a select few laws. I'd rather get busted carrying a knife that's a little too long, than risk the personal saftey of myself or those around me.
Alright the soapbox is gone, but thanks for the heads up and all the help. Anymore suggestions are still appreciated. Yvsa, I wish i was skilled enough to to grind a khuk like that, but i can't even sharpen the things yet. I always screw it up. Thanks again and sorry for all of the spelling errors.

- D