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A couple of great guys! (Dexter Ewing and Judge)

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Jan 20, 2001
I have never posted a GBU to compliment the many great guys I have dealt with on Blade Forums. Must be repressed bitterness from never having made it here myself:p I have gotten a lot from this site and made some great trades and buys. Recently, Dexter Ewing has been a HUGE help with some knife related issues toward my move to Nicaragua . . . he is a great guy and lot of help in everything I have dealt with him on!
Last week Judge a.k.a Gerald Richter was willing to go out of his way to buy and ship me a Fiskars Billhook all the way from AUSTRIA:eek: :eek: I am thankful for guys like him who have been willing to go above and beyond to help a fellow knife nut!

What a great bunch of guys!
Jason - a sincere thanks for your compliments :) This is one of the things I like about knives, and especially BF - meeting and making friends with folks who share your same interest (more like - undertanding your "sickness" :D) Even when you move down to Nicaragua, please keep in touch with me!

With all sorts of knives and chopping tools you have, the natives in the jungle are going to wonder what kind of pastor you are. LOL!

Thanks again, buddy!
Dexter is the person to ask if you have a knife question... He is a fountain of information, and a hell of a nice guy!:)
Hey Jason,
you make me blush! It´s always nice to help out fellow knifeknuts, even if it´s a bit far over the pond. And it was a fair trade too that went really smoothly thanks to YOU, plus I really like the Spydie. I hope you keep on posting even when you are in Nicaragua, how long will you stay, by the way?
Thank you for the kind words!
Originally posted by judge
how long will you stay, by the way?

Most likely will be there a good five years! If you hear a report that the Central American rainforest is beginning to disappear at an alarming rate . . . it's just me "field-testing"!!! :D ;) :D
:eek: Five years, WOW! If you need any new billhooks for "field testing" :D , let me know, I´m sure we can arrange something. Cheap mahagony supply, finally. ;)