a few things that annoy me...


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Oct 3, 1998
I need to get these tidbits out before i explode:

1. Why do I always see the current issue of Tactical Knives magazine on the newstands BEFORE it gets into my mail box? Average wait: about 2 weeks after newstand delivery...Then, what's the advantage of subscribing?

2. Blade magazine...what can I say...they're still putting knives on the cover, but not doing a good cover story...BTW, Cold Steel has a full page ad...I thought Lynn T. was p.o'd at Blade...go figure...

3. G-10 and titanium...I still say the next big thing will be "Tactical" type knives with natural materials (in the handles, etc)

4. Sharpening...stuff...it has become an obsession...i'm always looking for something to sharpen...i...dont...know...why...

5. "Senior Member"..damn I feel old...

6. The word "tactical"...I've seen it pasted to everything...the funniest? "Tactical Underwear"...I swear I'm not making that up...

7. Knock-off's in glass cases at gunshows...Now, I dont care if somebody wants to sell the things, but putting them in a glass case? Oh jeez...they're not THAT good...

8. I'm afraid...I haven't cut myself in quite awhile (accidently...)Which means it's about due...

...I guess I'm done, now...

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How about knives that are marked "Limited Pre Production Run. X of 10,000"
Give me a break.
I saw a guy at a gun show last month selling a Smith and Wesson SWAT knife marked this way talking to a potential customer. His price was $149 for it. I almost had soda come out of my nose (I was taking a drink as the dealer said what his price was). I couldnt walk away fast enough. My only hope is the fellow looking at the knife did not buy it!

Another thing is knifemakers that claim another has ripped off someones "tactical" tanto design when it is a centuries old Japanese design to begin with.

Do I need to bring up my favorite rant?

....the "OFFICIAL" SEAL knife; ...tested and used by Navy SEALS.....Special Forces Knives.....popular around Ft Bragg.....

Or my newest one....

-I can carry/possess/use an automatic knife in uniform.
-I can carry/possess/use a one hand opener (spydie/BM/Microtech, etc...) in uniform.
-I can carry/possess/use a fixed blade in uniform.

I cannot carry/possess/use a butterfly knife in uniform. (?????)


Just to show even in the Armed Forces we have sheeple.

Whoever said you can't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop.
Just FYI on the magazines, (this was a personal pet peeve of mine as well)...

The reason the newstand get's their's first is because they are sent UPS to them, while we get them in standard mail. Why? Insurance, probably, though I don't know for sure.

It's easy to replace one lost magazine to a subscriber. 100 lost ones to a supermarket is a bit tougher.


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My beef is with the TacKnives, looks like a gorilla tried to read it. I got just the shredded front cover once with an orange "Received Damaged" sticker on it. But my NRA magazine is pristine... Go figure.
You want a pet peeve? Try the term "sheeple". Are we knife knuts, or any other group, some form of an elite that has the right to look down on the rest of the world? People are just people, trying to get along on what they were given in the way of education and upbringing and to place yourself as better than they strikes me as a not terribly useful way to live your life. That is why I use Col. Cooper's term "hoplophobe" to describe those who fear armed citizens.

Walk in the Light,
I got my first issue of Tactical Knives Magazine two weeks after it was out in the stands also. On top of that, it was torn, spat on, and crumpled when I received it.

I called Tactical Knives and cancelled my subscription with a full refund. I'd rather pay the extra bucks for a glossy, new mag on time than a destroyed late one.
Yes, I too rather buy from the news stand. I also get Knives Illustrated and it usually arrives worn or torn. I am not renewing my subscription to Knives Illustrated, but I will still be buying it when it comes out, only at the news stands, though! It's worth paying that little bit more to have a fresh mag ...

I thought Ti was a natural materiel?

And I hate to hear what my co-workers paid for thier knives (always too much and seldom a decent product).

You can all imagine what the postal service has done to my computer mags with CDs inside the wrapper. In one inocuous stretch of 4 months, I received only 1 CD which worked. And only 2 of the four were in 1 piece!

And you guys are grousing about bent and torn covers (I get that too, its only slightly less annoying). And to make it worse, it takes four months to send a replacement CD!
I've only gotten one issue of Tactical Knives in bad shape. Happened the next issue after they quit mailing them in the plastic bags. I called them, complained, and they sent me a replacement. I told them I had every issue, reread them often, and even the ones that came in good shape get worn so I don't need the next issue to come to my house handicapped! If enough people call for replacement issues, they will get the message and put them back in bags. Bags keeps the USPS drivers from reading them, also!
Boy i thought I was the only one who received Tactical Knives and Knives Illustrated trashed.....I guess I'm not alone.

1) Bead blasting knives to oblivion...they are knives, not fingernail files...

2) Jerks selling knives here in town for over the MSRP, one guy was selling Cold Steel Bushmans for $25...retail is only !9.99...whole sale they are way cheap...

3) The word Tactical being attached to everything...and Seal Tested....

4) LinerLocks in general piss me off.

5) Knives made out of 420 j.....and the weenies that collect them.

6) Auto Laws....they just suck....

7) Knife mags in general.....

10) Oddball pricing policies....

11) USPS for destroying my subscription and opening my catalogs. All of my priority mail packages are usually crushed, and appear to have had someone looking into them.

There are more things....but I am already too razzed to keep listing them..

It sounds like most of my gripes have been covered here. The one that was missed, advertising a great new knife with a soon to be released date attatched then you don't see the knife for 1-2 years. If your going to advertise a new knife, I think you should do it when you are ready to release it. Don't be a tease!
Like Dirk said, knives that haven't been created but are advertised.

Knives that aren't fully ambidexterous. Sorry, reversible thumbstud is not enough for me.

Neck knives that don't have a long enough grip for 4 fingers.

What's wrong with combo edges? Personally, I like combo edges most of all! I like having the best of both worlds. I guess what annoys me also, then, are knives that are only available with a straight edge or a serrated edge.

I'll take a combo edge knife any day of the week vs. an all straight or an all serrated edge!

Just my likings, that's all ...

In contextual usage, it appears that Sheeple and hoplophobe are synonymous.
In actual definition though, Sheeple may be the more charitable of the two terms.
A Hoplophobe fears everything.
Sheeple merely fear what they do not understand.
Do I think I'm better than the sheeple/hoplophobes?
Col. Cooper probably does too.
If this makes me an Elitist, then I shall bear the name proudly. You missed being the first to stick that label on me (though you didn't do it in a personal way.) by MANY years.
What's so bad about being an Elitist anyway?
Like I always say.
It isn't bragging if you can back it up!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I think that the "hoplo" is hoplophobe means, at root, knife or sword (weapons), not "everything." Hence, the greek infantry known as hoplites, because of their weapons. The suffix, "phobe" means, of course, fearful of. Hence, a hoplophobe is fearful of knives.
The hoplon was the large shield of the Greek Hoplite. "War in the Classic Age" by John Warry and "Greece and Rome at War" by Peter Connolly both have excellent descriptions and pictures. The term "hoplophobe" applies, as I said, to those who fear an armed citizenry.

As to the term "sheeple", that is a rank insult, saying that those people are no better than a sheep. I have known sheep and they are just about the stupidest of God's creatures. A hoplophobe may have a reasoned objection to weaponry, as most of those in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) do, but a sheep has no reasoning behind its fear.

Finally, I did not call anyone any names. My parents attempted to infuse their little savages with courtesy, and it mostly stuck. I try to not be rude to others, which is why I object to "sheeple".

Walk in the Light,

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