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A Popularity Test!

If you must pick one like a non knife nut, which...

  • Benchmade 635 mini Skirmish

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  • Spyderco C101G mini Manix

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Sep 29, 2005
IMO Spyderco Mini Manix & Benchmade Mini Skirmish are the most practical EDC production knives on the market. The size is big enough to do most of task in life at the same time not like to scare ppl too much.

Except Lock system, on material, price, size they are pretty much build to against each other on market. (not to us knife nuts, because i am sure you are like me, hv both & both full size version as well.)

Lets hv a popularity head to head. Must choose one. I don't mind you judge them by the look, or by how they handle, or by preferr. lock system. You just gotta choose one! I just want to see their popularity differences.

Will go first. If I must choose one, Mini Skirtmish is my pick. Its like choosing a Prom Queen :D
Manix, based on the simple leaf shaped blade, and lockback. The recurve on the Skirmish would turn most non knife people off, and most would have no idea how to sharpen it.
Neither. If I were buying a knife as a gift, it would be a model with natural handle materials, something classy, not tactical-ish metal or plastic. Especially if the gift was for a non-knife person. I think both of those knives are too large to be comfortable in a pants/slacks/jeans pocket (over 4" closed), and I think the average non-knife person would also think so. Both models have pocket clips, but would the average non-knife person want to have a knife halfway exposed in their pants pocket? I don't think so...

If it was a 'gift' for myself, I'd buy the Spyderco. I prefer the lockback and don't care for Benchmark's multi-hole blade decorations nor the "modern reverse curve interpretation." The Spyderco is also about $70 less expensive.

I love Spyderco products, but its hard for me to choose a lockback over a titanium framelock. The BM635 gets a slight nod over the manix. Doesn't matter though, I have one of each!
The mini skirmish is way better. Had both sold the mini manix right away. It was a big clunky,heavy piece. I respect Spyderco and there utilitarian designs but I swear they go out of there way to make them hard on the eyes. :cool:

The only Spyderco I own is the Sharpmaker. Z
I say non knife nut meaning u dont get both.

The choice is for u. Not a choice for gift. I care ur choice, not a decision made for 3rd person.
Skirmish for sure based soley on looks since they are very similar materials wise. I also prefer a framelock over lockback. :thumbup:
I voted for the Mini-Manix!! It is a GREAT knife, and tough as all good out.
Mini Skirmish here. I love frame locks and dont care for lockbacks the way many do. I have never feared the strength of a good FL and some of the nicest folders out there use them. I know people put down the frame lock but wouldnt talk smack about a Terzuola ATCF, Lambert Sniper or Hinderer XM-18. Thats because they know that people would have to remind them they are some of the finest knives available. The recurve blade on the Skirmish cuts like a champ and I dont think anyone who had cut with it could fault its design, Niel Blackwood is a designer of the highest caliber and you simply can not find his knives. The apearance of the skirmish may not be to everyones taste but it is a great knife. All that said for a non knife person the manix might be the better choice, or maybe something even less agressive like a grip.
mini manix because I beat it every day in the body shop and it loves it, and it looks better all beat up. I cut sand paper, poke through cans of paint for drain holes, ect, ect pry, cut cardboard ect, ect, beat, beat, ect, beat, beat, sharpen and repeat.
To a non knife nut, the skirmish has more style. the manix looks like an ungainly hunk of metal and fiberglass.
My choice for Skirmish is mainly from its looks I guess. When 2 blades are equally great in many ways, I found mini Manix looks a bit too hardcore looking! I had to admit that Manix blade shap is a hair better on practical side but Skirmish can go dressy, that is not what Manix can do.
Mini skirmish for me, easy....the manix is a wonderfully ergonomic knife, but the lock and style of the 635...gives it a significant edge.
If choosing like a non knife knut, I would pick the mini skirmish because it's pretty and looks cool. It's like comparing a nickel plated Python with a Glock 17.
Can I play too?

In the land of twisted fantasies/analogies, I'd like to date Giselle Bundchen a couple of times, but for the the long haul I'd pick Rachel Ray because she can cook AND make me laugh! So the Mini-manix it is!

- My preferred blade shape; utility and defense plus easier to resharpen
- G10 scales are the tie-breaker, enhanced grip for whatever condition and insulation from metal handle contact

Not to screw-up the poll but I could add another likely contender into the mix: Black Hawk Crucible folder, a knife also along those lines (short but stout). It made me a convert again to a well-made and strong liner lock! Some impressions here -

Easy choice for me.

A) I don't like framelocks. They look to me like a liner lock that someone didn't bother to finish.

B) I don't care for recurves. I have had several over the years, and they just don't do anything for me.

C) I don't like metal handles, whether the metal is steel, titanium, aluminum or platinum. I'll take G-10 or FRN over any of them. Metal is for liners, not scales.

Guess which I voted for :D