A Popularity Test!

If you must pick one like a non knife nut, which...

  • Benchmade 635 mini Skirmish

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  • Spyderco C101G mini Manix

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Wow, I thought its gonna be close match, but really not so!! :eek:

More vote, more vote before it end!

This was painful having to choose one over the other since these are possibly my two favorite knives. I agree with several others who like the Skirmishes better styling and pocketability, but the Manix' greater utility. Since a knife is a tool and form should follow function, I have to give the nod to the Manix. There are certain cutting jobs where the Manix is the only knife that will serve and I can't say that about the Skirmish.

Having said that, the Skirmish sees a lot more pocket time.
Easy choice for me.

A) I don't like framelocks. They look to me like a liner lock that someone didn't bother to finish.

B) I don't care for recurves. I have had several over the years, and they just don't do anything for me.

C) I don't like metal handles, whether the metal is steel, titanium, aluminum or platinum. I'll take G-10 or FRN over any of them. Metal is for liners, not scales.

Guess which I voted for :D

Those are my reasons for picking the Manix as well. Plus I think a lockback is better than a framelock.
i'll take the mini skirmish because of the ti frame lock. also i,m spoilded with one hand open and close.
I LOVE framelocks and titanium. But, with that said, I still voted for the Mini-Manix. I had one, and it IS a fantastic knife. That and I prefer Spydies over Benchmade.
Looks like we have a clear winner!

Thanks for everyone who voted and express their opinion.
I may be a bit late, but I also vote for the Manix, due to the flat ground leaf-style blade, G10 grip, and choil. The skirmish also strikes me as a bit "over-styled" for my personal taste.