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David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
In the past when I have steel on the way to be cut, I have typically opened discussions with the community and given an opportunity to have your designs cut. I opted to not do that this time, with only a few exceptions. Instead, I filled these sheets with my designs, and ideas I have been wanting to put into action. These are the AEB-L blades I currently have lined up for summer/fall 2023. The steel is at Jarod's shop awaiting plasma cutting and heat treatment.

My plan for these is to make and sell them at my own pace and creative discretion.

You'll note some existing designs and new and/or variant ones. The oval piece is from inside an 11" Mezzaluna handle, and was large enough to make a partial tang knife with a nearly 4 " blade. I could turn it into just about any blade and handle shape once I get it back from heat treatment.

All are welcome to find a design below that you think would fit nicely into your collection of cutting tools, and shoot me a message to discuss details. Thanks for looking!

The unclaimed blades, grid squares are one inch, meaning you can know the dimensions just by looking carefully.


.196 AEBL 2 02 28 2023 Claimed.jpg
.196 AEBL 1 02 28 2023 Claimed.jpg
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Is that a Prevail in the top middle? Is the .080" steel usually best for the kitchen, or touch enough for other uses?

I might be interested in that too, since it is a different enough from the other knife remaining knife that I have on pre-order already, and I already have it's little brother.
It is the little brother.
Yessir most of those blades are still available. Expected back from heat treatment in a couple/few months.
I’ll message you once I get home and caught up
Ah. Wharnificent. Excellent choice. You can see a few of them around the forum if you look. I’ll get in touch soon. Thank you for your order!
Yep, that is Gooeytek's EDChef.
T TDOG1 Per your email I've updated post #12 with a "claimed" stamp on the bottom filet for you. It has a 7" blade. Blades are not yet cut or heat treated. I'll update this thread as the order progresses.
David - greetings! This one outlined in Yellow is 3.25" blade length?

Greetings to you as well. Yes on the blade length of that Badger Scout.