AEB-L run closed

Now I want one. 🤨
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Badger Badger Badger Badger (can’t get that song out of my head haha). Interested in a Badger .08”, will send PM. Maybe a fried liver attack .08” as well.
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This run is cancelled. Jarod still has the three sheets, but at the time of this post has still not finished processed my previous order, the MagnaCut which I sent him a year ago. I have either paid back all deposits that I took for blades on this run or have made the blades from one of the newer runs I did through New Jersey Steel Baron and Peters' Heat Treatment.

Anyone who was awaiting a knife on this run, but whom I did not take a deposit from, I have moved your names into the "interested" section of my order book, and will contact you once I set up another run where I can accommodate the design you requested.

Thank you all for your understanding.
That's a bummer but hopefully he can get life in order. I know you hinted he had some stuff going on. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and pulling the plug when it was best to do so even though it hurts you in the process as you also are invested in this run.