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AKW Spring / Father's Day Sale!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Fixed Blades' started by Justin Di Vittorio, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Justin Di Vittorio

    Justin Di Vittorio KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Feb 8, 2018
    Hello everyone! I have a handful of knives that are ready to ship; including some older models and a mix of unique customs and one-off's! Discounted prices are for BF members only. Lifetime warranty via AKW. Extra discounts for any combine sales...


    These knives were designed by my brother James after working several years in armored cars. They're hand-cut from 3/16" PM D2 tool steel with compound grinds. Great for poking holes in things.

    Small Courier Tanto has dark stabilized walnut scales. Matching black and tan liners with two-tone kydex sheath. MALICE / MOLLE-Lok compatible. Black moly-based finish. Mild jimping. 6.5" OAL w/ 2.5" sharpened edge.

    Large Harbinger Tanto has polished desert ironwood scales with matching two-tone liners and custom kydex sheath (MOLLE compatible). Nickel-silver corby hardware with black and polished blade finish. Mild jimping with swedge. 12.25" OAL w/ 7" sharpened edge.

    Small Courier Tanto: $150
    Large Harbinger Tanto: $290

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    M40's and Scandi Utility Blades

    Standard M40's. Hand-cut and saber-ground from 1/8" PM A2 tool steel. Contoured and textured G10 scales with permanently-attached stainless steel hardware. Moly-based finish. Custom kydex sheath is MALICE / MOLLE-Lok compatible. 9" OAL w/ 4" blade.

    Scandi Utility Knives are also hand-cut and ground from 1/8" A2 steel. Layered G10 scales with permanently attached stainless steel hardware. Ninety-degree spine. 8" OAL w/ 4"blade. Available with or without leather sheath.

    M40 (Black or Green): $125
    M40 (Camo): $135
    Scandi Utility: $85 or $115 w/ LTWK / JRE sheath



    I also have a variety of unique customs and other one-off's.

    CPM 154 Puuko is 1/8" thick with hybrid scandi / saber grind. Desert ironwood scales with G10 bolster and walnut inlays. Mosiac pins and lanyard. Matching leather pouch sheath. Approx. 8.75" OAL w/ 4" blade.

    S30V / S35VN Petty / Utility Knives are 3/32" thick with flat or saber blade. Custom kironite scales with carbon or nickel silver hardware. 8" OAL w/ 3.6" blade.

    S35VN hunter is 1/8" with high saber grind. Water Buffalo scales with white liners and carbon fiber hardware. Custom vinework on spine with leather sheath.

    M60's / M55's are also available as well. Contact me for more info on options...

    CPM Puuko: $200
    S30V Petty (Multi): $130
    S35VN Petty (Red): $130
    S35VN Hunter: $175
    D2 Custom (Blue): $135
    M60 / M55: $180


    Thanks for checking out the knives! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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