All Forumites, Please read. A message from Will Fennell/EDI Knives

Fellow Forumites and Friends,

I have to inform you guys[and ladies] that I will no longer be working with EDI knives. There is a difference of opinion between myself and the Board of Directors[owners] on matters concerning the direction of the company. I sincerely wish them the best.

I have impressed upon them the value of this forum to ANY cutlery company.You folks have no idea how much you helped the developement of EDGE DESIGN Inc. I believe that a large portion of the sales of GENESIS Knives were
influenced by the internet in some mannner. EDI's primary contact to the internet was through BLADEFORUMS. For this I personally THANK YOU. For your input, I THANK YOU. And for your all support, I THANK YOU!

For further information and service concerning EDI Knives, you can contact Jerry
Lockett @ 314-863-3343. He should have email service soon. Please forward all service and warranty request to Mr Lockett.

During the next few weeks I will not be maintaining a presence on the forums as I have other committments.

Best Regards,

Will Fennell
Oct 3, 1998
Sorry to hear of your departure.
It will be a loss for EDI, but I doubt they have figured that out yet.
You will land on your feet, and there are few opportunities for those unwilling to embrace change.
Take care and stay in touch.
I for one am speachless! I hope to see you posting here again and often.
Best wishes and you will be missed. It is a credit to you and EDI for all the problems and glitches you solved with timely answers.

We at BF will be interested to see where you end up, and please stop in. -Brian
Bummer Will F.
You were such a cornerstone to EDI, I thank you for caring about us! Best of lucky in your other endeavers

Hope to catch you sometime at night on IRC BF chat!

Ray 'md2020'
Bummer is right.. sigh... I ordered my Genesis mostly because of what I saw in Will as a person spearheading EDI and how he handles the customers. Now that he's gone.. well.... I'm speechless..

Good luck, Will! Keep us posted, okay?

I don't know what to say except that you'll be greatly missed Will. Good luck.

I read that twice and I still can not believe it! I am sure one of the other companys maybe even one that is here on the forums would be glad to have you aboard Will. Hope to see you remain in the knife industry.


Tom Carey

I don't really need a Genesis (unfortunately my knife purchases tend to be based on need), but a Genesis was high on my list because I felt that a man like you, who stood behind his product and customers, deserved to be supported. Good fortune.

Will, your customer service ethic was head and shoulders above the crowd. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

I must admit that the Genesis itself did not light up my fires, but it was still high on my list of knives to get because of you.



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Will, I bought another Genesis because of your "Spyderco" like customer service. You will do well. Best wishes!
I too don't own a Genesis, but you are to be highly commended on your level of customer service and interaction. Best of luck in your future travels.

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Best wishes Will, hope to see you back here again.
I'm sorry to hear of this. Thank you Will for all that you've done with EDI and for raising the bar when it comes to customer service. I sincerely hope that you will stay in the cutlery industry, as you're definitely an asset to this industry. Regardless of whatever line of work you choose, I wish you all the best.

Dexter Ewing
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Good Luck. Wherever you land, you know you've got a fan club here! Stay in touch and remeber 'cream rises to the top!' You are definitely among the best"

Very Sincerely,

I want to publically convey what I have privately and that is all the best in whatever the future holds for you. I have sincerely appreciated the friendship you have extended to me and have tremendously enjoyed our conversations.

Having been one who lauded you and your benchmark customer service ethic as well as your product (having been fortunate enough to have acquired one of the first 100 Genesis I's released through normal distribution channels), your absence is one that should be viewed as a significant loss to the industry. We can all only hope that it is temporary
and shortlived at that.

You have personally proved a number of concepts showing what can be done with this industry, modern technology, and the InterNET. Hopefully the lessons will not be lost on others.

In the interim, let me close with a phrase that holds great meaning for me as a retired naval officer:

Fair winds and following seas my friend

Yes, you should be commended on your level of customer service. Your interaction on this forum has also been a plus. Good luck in the future.
I can only echo the accolades and sentiments of my fellow forumites. You have indeed raised the bar for any who will follow. Best wishes!

Bummer Will...
. Now go fetch a job at Benchmade and make us all proud

!!! Loca Grande !!!