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Spyderco (All sold!) NIB PM2's and LNIB Para 3 Bento Box

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Dec 31, 2018
Greetings fellow BFer's! Today for sale I have several Spyderco Pm2's and a Para 3 Bento Box M390. All Pm2's are NIB and the Para 3 is LNIB (see description). Looking to get what I paid for them as most are catch and releases. Trying to free up some funds towards other projects. All knives were wiped with EDCi before being put in the safe.

- Spyderco PM2 S35V Brown G10 NIB $old
  • Bought this brand new from Knife Center.
  • Action is smooth as butter and drops freely.
  • Blade centering is perfect with no play or wobble in the blade.
  • Only taken out to check action and take pictures when I received it.
- Spyderco PM2 DLT Exclusive 20CV Tan G-10 NIB $old
  • Catch and release purchase from a fellow BFer (post found here).
  • Action is butter smooth and drops freely.
  • Blade centering is near perfect with no play or wobble in the blade.
- Spyderco PM2 Forum Knife S90V Grey G-10 NIB $old
  • Catch and release from a friend.
  • Action is butter smooth and drops freely.
  • Blade centering is near perfect with no play or wobble in the blade.
- Spyderco Para 3 Bento Box M390 Blue G-10 LNIB $old
  • Catch and release from fellow BFer (post found here)
  • Action is smooth and drops freely.
  • Blade centering is perfect.
  • Listing as LNIB because the knife was carried but I cannot find/see any signs of wear or snail trails on the G-10. It was sharpened with Wicked Sharp and is very very very sharp! (See link above)
  • (Additional photos available upon request)
The fine print:

(If purchasing two or more $10 discount per each additional knife will be given)
● This price is for PayPal G&S (fees included in sale price)(No F&F accepted unless otherwise discussed) with the knife shipped in a well packed and protected package to CONUS(48 states) destinations ONLY.
(please know your knife laws, its your responsibility, not mine)
● Sorry NO international sales.
● The first person to unconditionally claim a knife publicly with "I'll take it" and then promptly follow up with a PM and payment gets the knife. Though I reserve the right to sell to whom I please. “I will take it, pending question answered” is not unconditionally.
● Thank you, but no trades at this time.
● Please do not post offers within the thread; if you have an offer, please PM me or post your email address, and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


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Would you consider at all shipping the bento box para 3 to canada? We can work something out I'm sure with the extra cost.
Interested in the PM2, can you shoot me an email?


Can you post up or email a
picture of the blade centering on the PM2 Sv35.