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All SOLD please close


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Jun 25, 2017
Reduce my collection. Nothing wrong with it, just not using it much, decided to let it go. In pretty good shape. SOLD tyd (us con). Thanks.IMG_4303.jpg IMG_4302.jpg
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1. Factory black scales are not included. This come with blue g10 scale and silver standoffs made by deathofallthings on ins. He makes great stuff. Letting this one go simply because I got another one. Centering on this one is spot on, no issues whatsoever. Box and everything included. Asking 140$ f&f or 145$ g&s tyd (US con).IMG_4231.jpg IMG_4232.jpg

2. A set of g10 scale in black&blue, with blue standoffs. Asking 35$ tyd (US con).
Money sent. Shipping address in PayPal is good.[/QUOTE]
Got it! Shipping out tomorrow.