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*All Sold* Spyderco DLT Manix 2 & CRKT Ti Eros and LCK

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Nov 6, 2001
SOLD * Manix 2 - brand new in the box. Nicely centered when closed. Comes with it’s box, DLT sticker, papers. SOLD

SOLD * CRKT Ti Eros & Ruger LCK - no box for either. Great budget flippers! SOLD

The prices include all fees and shipping costs. I’ll ship to the 50 U.S. states. No trades please.

D78EB747-44FE-4C6A-9575-D6C472690FD4.jpeg 16AC5738-CCC3-4B85-A93A-A654403AA2EE.jpeg C3B7BD45-DCAE-467E-9885-03B3A99E6B49.jpeg 7D6DE605-50A5-4E83-8E10-6E06D2F56AAF.jpeg
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Ok. Roger, you should have payment and shipping info on the Manix. Cheers Barry