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All Sold.


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Oct 1, 2016
I have a New SET "Apache" looking for a good home
I just picked up another with different handle scales/finish, so this one is a free agent.

First "I'll take it" followed by an immediate pm for PayPal details gets it.

- A2 Steel.
- Natural Canvas Micarta.
- Hot Waxed Sheath W/Dangler.

**NOTE: Said knife will also be cross listed on other knife forum. Time stamps will be honored, Thanks.

$SOLD! Shipped PayPal G&S. I take care of shipping and fees. (Sorry No Trades).



Giant Mouse GMF1 In "Elmax"!

Upgraded Elmax Steel Version of which is now hard to find.

$SOLD! Shipped (Sorry, no trades)

* Also cross listed on auction site.


AZ Made Blades - By Nick Van Leuven.

* You can find Nick on Youtube and see him make one of these saw blade knives like this. He does Excellent work!

* I Paid more than Double what I have it listed at.
Someone will be getting one heck of a deal here!
Nick's knives are work horses!
(Sorry not interested in trades.)

* Knife is New as I recieved from said maker. Never used, cut with, sharpened, or carried.

- L6 Industrial Saw Steel (High Carbon Steel)
- 1/8" Thick.
- 9" Overall.
- 4.5" Blade.
- Cocobolo Wood Handle Scales W/Liners.
* Does Not have sheath.

$Sold- Shipped.

*** NOTE: Said knife is also listed on other Bushcraft forum as well. Time stamps will be honored, thanks.

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If I don't receive an email tonight before I rack out I will get you paid tomorrow on my lunch break.