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All Sorts

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by Seth Green, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Seth Green

    Seth Green Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    Not seeing much action of the sales forum, so i'll throw these up for trade
    Looking primarily for hooded gear fom TAD, The North Face, Mammut, Kifaru, Voormi etc
    Also looking for Scrapyard regulators and blades in SR77
    Feel free to throw out an offer, worst case is i'll decline
    Thanks for looking!


    Siegle- Kind of a hybrid cleaver/small hatchet. 5160 steel, 1/4" thick. 11" oal, blade is 6 1/4" with and edge just over 5". Scales are a brighter G10. Comes with a kydex sheath, no Tek lok. Has not been used, carried or shrpened. Has some scratches from sheath insertion.


    Schwartz Ti hawk- 18"OAL, Edge is roughly 3 1/2", stock is slightly over a quarter inch. Has a hammered/post apocalyptic look. Has matching zombie green/black paracord wrap. Spike isn't sharpened, but it is very pointy. Comes with a zombie green blade cover. Has not been used, carried or sharpened. In the condition received.

    Second blade is is a ti/cf blade. Blade is 5", combo edge with one carbidized edge. CF has been secured to the TI core using sheer strength epoxy. Matching green paracord handle. Blade thickness is approx. 3/16th". Comes with a green sheath. Has not been carried, used or sharpened.


    Crawford Hawkbill Intregral -3.5" bead blasted blade. Handles are made from one piece of 1/4" thick 440C. I have carried it twice, has some minor snail trails. Snaps open with authority, very sharp.
    Has the original edge

    Matthew Cody Hawkbill- 3 1/4" acid washed 3v blade,OAL is 7 3/4", liners are ti and the scales are coyote brown G10. Has been carried and used lightly, edge is original. No blade play, flicks open easily and is centered. Pocket clip is ti also


    Southern Grind Bad Monkey- Dlc coated Tanto CE blade. Scales are CF and the liners are ti. Lightly carried, never used, original edge. No blade play, blade is centered. I can flick it open easily. I am the original owner. Comes with the no longer offered leather beer coozy and black paracord bracelet. Also includes bits for the proprietary hardware

    Pirtle Made FF- Satin 1084 blade. Tang is 1/4" thick that tapers to 3/16th" thick for the blade. Full flat grind. Scales are brown micarta, liners are ti. No play, it is slightly off centered, nowhere near touching liner. Comes with a wet formed black leather sheath. I am the original owner. Has not been carried, used or sharpened

    White Wolves/Woodard Combat Auto- 4" Blade. Aluminum handles. Has not been carried or used. Comes with a belt sheath. Fires hard and no blade play-$250



    SW R9 Military Proto from Cabo Wabo- Black coated blade, scales are black paper. Has not been carried, used or sharpened

    SW R6 Variant from Cabo Wabo- Camo coated blade, scales are tan micarta. Top swedge is sharpened. Has not been carried, used or sharpened. Mint condition. Comes with cardboard-

    Busse/Scrapyard Infi-Hack 1 of 12-War dog varient, Satin blade,high double hollow ground, Resiprene C handles. 4" blade, little over 8" OAL. Unused, uncarried and unsharpened. Has some marks on the blade from not having the inclusions fully buffed out. Looks fine, just thought i'd mention it-


    GG&G Hawk- Black s7 coated blade 3/8" thick. Only has one spot where the finish is peeling. Black g10 scales. Has not been used, carried or sharpened. Comes with sheath

    Custom Hawk- roughly 5/16" ultrafort head. OAL is 14" or so. Satin flats, semi mirror bevels. Roughly 7 1/2" oal for the head, the edge is just under 3". Handle is a single piece of red annodized aluminum. Fills my meduim hands well. Has replaceable rubber rings to assist in grip. Hardware is Ti. It's a breaching/rescue axe so the edge isn't sharpened. No sheath. Has not ben used, carried or sharpened
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  2. Shane77


    Aug 23, 2018
    Any interest in a spyderco military in Rex-45?
  3. Seth Green

    Seth Green Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    Possibly. What blade are you interested in?
  4. Shane77


    Aug 23, 2018
    The Tuff
  5. Seth Green

    Seth Green Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    What's your email address?
  6. Shane77


    Aug 23, 2018
    Sorry, had to run to town real quick. But its
    [email protected]
  7. Seth Green

    Seth Green Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    Tuff is gone!

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