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Angry Anchor Knife and Tool

Jan 3, 2018
Anyone ever hear of these guys? They are supposedly making knives in Maricopa, Arizona.
I saw one of their knives designs that I was a little interested in but I’ve never heard of them.
May 16, 2010
Never heard of them but googled their knives. The UDT looks like the bastard child of a Bastinelli and a Lansky World Knife.


Why so serious?
Gold Member
Dec 25, 2012
Is this not a Chinese Microtech clone like 10,000 others, or am I missing something?



Fixed Blade EDC Emisssary
Jan 12, 2013
I actually just got on here to make a thread about this. I messaged the seller more or less just stated that it was obvious what he was doing and that it's dishonest to lie about country of origin AND material components. His response was:

Before you start making accusation. You probably better find out what you talking about. Just because you found some Chinese stuff that looks like mine doesn't mean they are the same thing. I looked on your DH Gate as you are not the first person to make this claim. They have stuff that looks just like Benchmade, Kershaw, Michrotech, Emerson, Strider, and just about everyone else, or are you saying they all import from China too?!?!?! If you were actually interested in real info you would have asked, but when you just right to making an XSS of yourself it's obvious you have problems.


I'd dismiss it as some idiot's poor business idea, but he does seem to be actually selling these rebranded clones at a reasonable pace, and his feedback is pretty good for a person who is clearly lying about the knives being CTS-XHP and made in the US.

Also, this "company" exists entirely on eBay as far as I can tell. There isn't so much as a Facebook page. I'm pretty sure this is one guy buying them in bulk, putting a logo on them, and selling them at what looks like a ~100% markup.
Jan 22, 2011
I just realized the MT clone has the ol' ruler in the photo. I don't think he even took his own pictures of the knives lol.


Platinum Member
Nov 12, 2009
He has at least one for sale on Letgo.....


Jul 26, 2010
He took a Microtech Stitch Clone and called it by the name of another Microtech knife, the UDT ( LUDT, MUDT, Mini UDT ).
According to a member above he didn’t even get his own logo. Total class act.
His response to being called out was a perfect example of why some people just suck. He’s a liar, and I’m my opinion a thief for selling the knives as his own ideas and designs.
I’m glad to hear that he took his web page down, hopefully not before Tony Marfione saved the images he’d need to sue the turd.
I hear that he’s pretty aggressive in protecting his intellectual property.