Announcement ! Winner of the Name-A-Knife Contest!

Apr 9, 1999
Dear Knife Enthusiasts,
I want to start by thanking you very much for your participation in this contest. All of you came up with very interesting names (including "chickenBiscuit"!).
Valerie, my wife, took down all the names and gave me the list without the member's names. This is so Pat and myself would not be influenced by anybody we might know. After 2 days of bouncing names back and forth and the help of Mike Turber who did a trademark search for us (Thank you Mike!), we came up with a winner.

The name of the knife that won the contest is : Janus (a Roman God with 2 faces). And the individual who entered this name was: Spark! Congratulations to the first owner of a Janus! Spark, could you e-mail me your phone number?

Once again thank you to all for your help. I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did. As soon as I have a knife ready I will post more information and some pictures on my web site (
Best wishes,
Allen Elishewitz
Good going Spark! Still can't believe they didn't go for my Chickenbiscuit, but I'm thinking the trademark search came up "taken" on that one. Enjoy your new blade!
Congrats, Spark! Very deserving indeed!

Way to go Spark!

Actually, I kind of like Chickenbiscuit myself. Sort of has a ring to it - oops, sorry that was the dinner bell ringing!!!
Congrats, Spark! I had a feeling your suggestion had potential. It's no "Chicken Biscuit," but a fine choice, nonetheless. Post pictures of the knife when you get it!

Professor, now you can offer "Chicken Biscuit" to Spyderco - Mr. Glesser was just saying they're running out of unused names!


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Amazing coincidence that a Bladeforums "administrator" won. Hmmm- what other Bladeforums contests are Bladeforums staff eligible for?

One question...didn't Stompy come up with "Janus" first??? Or did his list not count??? -AR

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Sorry...but if Stompy's list counted...he named Janus first...and he hasn't edited it to cheat. What's the verdict??? -AR

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- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Well, I gotta agree with Jackyl- Stompy did post "Janus" first. He has so many names listed, I had to reread his post three times to find it.

May I offer a suggestion, Allen? Stompy gets one knife from you, and Spark gets one from Pat Crawford. Two winners, two same knives w/ different makers but same name.
Failing that, I volunteer to keep and care for them in a most respectful manner.

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A short story.

I participated in the contest to name Microtech's new OTF tanto. I submitted the name Patriot. I only found out they were calling the knife Patriot when I visited their web site. Upon inquiry, I was told that someone who has close ties to MT, and is under contract to them, submitted Patriot the day before. The contest was handled by sending in the name by e-mail. I couldn't argue the point, not being able to see the e-mails. To this day I feel cheated.

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Elishewitz, or Spark, or anyone else. But I hope the right thing is done in this case.

I don't see what the problem is, Mr. Elishewitz is not a representative of Blade forums, and Spark doesn't work for Mr. E!
No conflict!
As far as that LONG list, I think the request was for A name to be submitted, not A FEW DOZEN names.

Congratulations Spark!
Nice to see someone who puts so much into this website getting a little something extra out of it!

The Chickenbiscuit name DOES kinda grow on you though, doesn't it?

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I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

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Spark congradulations....a fitting gift for a man who works his ass off.....
Dear Netters:
After reading the posts I went back to the list and you are correct Stompy did post the name first. I also had to read the list three times in order to find it.
This is what we are going to do: Not only does Spark get a knife but Stompy as well. So please both of you contact me so I can get your information.
For the members that think that it is a contest, you are greatly mistaken: This is from an independant party that has nothing to do with this forum.
Thank you very much.
Allen Elishewitz
[This will teach me to post at the same time Allen does]

Jedi, I'm sensing that you have a problem with either me, or how is run. Please feel free to contact me regarding any problems you have, whether they are real or imaginary.

I didn't coerce Allen to pick the name, nor did intentionally pick a name out of the 400 that Stompy submited. Looking back at his post I can see how I missed it, the whole phonebook is in there

Allen and Pat picked 4 names out of all the ones that were submitted, and they turned out to like Janus the best of them. I was as suprised as everyone else that Janus won. Mike (who did the trademark search) didn't believe me when I said that I had submitted Janus, and I had to show him my post, so he was as in the dark as the rest of us.

The fact that Allen and I both missed that Stompy submitted the name before I did only speaks to the fact that it was easy to miss in the rest of them, not to any ill will or trickery.

But, just to do the right thing, I'll relinquish the knife to Stompy, hopefully that will allay any cries of foul play. Who knows, maybe Allan will make two (just kidding)!
[Well, Allen certainly suprised me with his post above, and I feel he should be congratulated for going above and beyond what he needs to. Thanks Allen, you are a true professional.]

In the future, I'd suggest that for any sort of contest like this, you get to submit only a few names, or one entry per person, not submit everything you can get your hands on. That wasn't meant as a dig to Stompy, just that the rules should have been more defined.

Anyhow, I'm glad that Allen and Pat are coming out with what I am sure will be a great new knife, and hope that everyone benefits from their collaboration.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I think that Allan and Pat handled this well, and are doing the right thing.

I also think that limiting the number of names allowed per entry in contests of this sort is an excellent idea.

To Spark and Stompy - hope you enjoy your new toys

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I thought that the winner will be announced July 5th... What happened there? Anyway, I didn't get give a name for the new knife. I was going to suggest TENCHI, a Japanese term meaning heaven and earth... I thought it would make a perfect name for knife. Oh well...
I think that Spark deserves the knife as well as Stompy does. I don't think that any foul play occured at all. In fact, Spark deserves to get something back from the forum every once and a while doesn't he??? I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Stompy did post it as well. Please don't feel offended Spark, you are the greatest. Enjoy!!! -AR

P.S. I emailed Mr. Elishewitz about the contest the day it popped up and he told me that, to officially enter a name, you should post it in his thread and as many names could be posted at any time. So, Stompy did push that a little, but it was completely fair, and smart in a way. Please, no hard feelings. -AR

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