Any "Dagger" owners/users?

Gibsonfan; Thanks for clarifying. I guess I read into your comment a bit much.
Trailmaster and Western Bowie are my 2 favorites if TSHF. I just can't help wonder if the double edge (of a quality, well made knife) might not be a better choice as you have two blades in one. Chopping chores aside (a camp axe wins hands down, and would be brought along), a dagger gives you 2 edges, in case one gets damaged or dull. This is why some prefer a double bit axe (cruiser axe), for long treks and or extended stays. More dangerous, sure. But you get 2X the tool. I might have to pick one up now. The majority here are against Daggers for survival/outdoor use, so being a student of contrarian investing... now I will start shopping for one...LOL!!!! And NO, my Bowies are not for sale, just in case you guys are right!