Any Interest in a 154CM EDC from Camillus?

Oct 2, 1998
Any interest in a 154CM Darrel Ralph design Camillus EDC?




Ladies and gentlemen, announcing what may become the official 2001 folder. The Darrel Ralph design EDC! As you can see from the pics above this is a great looking piece. The holes in the handle even line up with the holes in the clip so you can see right through the knife! Ain't Darrel just oh' so cool

The EDC (Every Day Carry) is just that, and should be just that. Your Every Day Carry. Great ergonomic handle, great working blade shape and cool clip. Not too mention that it walks and talks and is oh's so sexy.

Now for the Ron Popeil speil....
Now your not gonna have to pay $199.99 for this EDC. Not 179, not 169, not 129, not even 99. Not 89, not 79 and not even 69.99!

All you will have to pay for this incredible made in USA piece will be one easy payment of just $64.99!

So the question is, Anyone interested?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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YES -- if you can do a 154CM version of the Ralph-designed Camillus-produced EDC for anything under $100, I am so there...

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I'm in!!!

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Looks good to me, especially in that steel!

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Heck, I was sold with just 420HC
, but this would be incredible!

I'm in for sure!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Firebat:
Heck, I was sold with just 420HC
, but this would be incredible!

I'm in for sure!


Same here! I'm definitely up for a 154CM one for that price.


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