Dec 3, 1999
I have sold almost a thousand CRKT knives since November 99 and no one has complained. While they are not the best knife made, they are the best value for the money anywhere.
My CRKT Stiff KISS arrived today. One screw hole on the sheath is partially covered with plastic, but that won't take any real effort to fix. The blade was sharp enough to dry-shave my face (not comfortably, but still...). I was extremely impressed with the quality for the small amount that it cost me.


great value
very good quality
low prices
nice people
great designs (in recent years)

CRTK's surprised me - I've been using a KISS for about a year now as daily carry - I holds up quite well and sharpens easily with a ceramic triangle... but it is definitely NOT a knife for a left handed person .. I've also had it open in my pocket a time or two with no tragic results.
Good deal for the money and innovative design!

knife Knuts are sharp people

I admit it I'm a cheapo so I have a few of these running around the house(KISS, Komodo 4, and a Neck PECK) and I haven't had any complaints really. They sharpen up nice and hold a decent edge. Good value for the price definetly.
I have a KISS and two stiff KISS. They are one of the best values in knives. My only complaint is the KISS is dangerous for me as a left-hander. Way too easy to disengage the lock while in use.

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I've had a couple of CRKT knives and I think that "bang for buck" they can't be beat. On the downside AUS-6 is a little too soft for my liking. If they used AUS-8 I'd probably still have mine-I gave them away. Hope this helps.

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I have a MIRAGE that I carry daily.I polished the ends off round as they were to square for my taste. This problem is common to many other brands also BTW.I like this knife alot and feel that I have gotten good value for the cost.

I'm pretty happy with my Apache III, I think it's the ATS-34 that did it for me, wasn't too happy with the ones I own that are the AUS whatever


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I have a M16-04 myself as a carry knife on the job and love it. Great value and performance.

I have also sold numerous CRKT knives (large variety of models) and never had an unhappy customer yet.

Hightly recommended for the price range (or any price range actually - but you know what I mean

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On a whim I picked up a CRKT M16-03Z today. I had intended to buy a Benchmade Stryker, but the CRKT's caught my eye. Initially I was going to get the aluminum handled M16-03, but the zytel handled 03's now have the Carson Flipper on them. Plus they are cheaper. I hate to say it, but this may be the nicest looking folder I've ever had. And that includes two Spydie Delicas, Emerson Raven, Emerson CQC7-A, Benchmade AFCK, Benchmade 710, and a Benchmade 730. The BM 710 and 730 are the best put together knives I've had, but they cost two to three times as much as a CRKT M16. This M16 is one hell of a knife for the $50 I paid. You can get them cheaper if you buy it online somewhere. Anyways, the grind lines are perfect, the finish is attractive, and the liner lock locks up well and has already passed a spine whack test. It's also far sharper out of the box than the Benchmades or Emersons I've had. Only the Spydercos come sharper.

I don't know about their other models, but if you are thinking about a knife in the M16 series, definately go for it.
CRKT indeed makes a really good knife for the buck. I have been carrying a M16-03 for over 6 months now and I am one happy customer. I think I like it more than my B.M. AFCK!


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Best lockup to date - ZERO play, up/down or side to side.

AUS6 is soft, but for 99.5% of us, it is more than adequate.

Just about every model of CRK&T has come through my shop and I have not had one complaint. I've handled and inspected each and so far no returns. Go for it .

Ray Carr
I had a new M16 plain blade that failed the spline test. THat model aint for me.
I recently purchased the folding PECK and KISS (Spearpoint) knives. They have very intriguing and unique designs at an exceptional value. I have no experience with blades sharpened on only one side, so I do not know how they will hold up in actual use or how easy they will be to sharpen. They both came extremely sharp-- only my Spydercos came sharper. Does anyone else use or have experience with these knives?

Keith Silliman
Well, I've got a little KISS P.E.C.K. on my keychain - neat little knife with SOLID lockup. Seems to be a common thread with all of the KISS line actually (although I echo the sentiments on the AUS-6 steel).

I've a little experience the the M-16 03 and 03Z models. These knives are built like tanks! I'd take the Al handled models over the Zytel, they're a bit thinner and have a better steel.

I've also been eyeing the Mirage Grey Ghost Wharncliffe (Al handles with AUS-8 blade)... :)

You won't go wrong if you buy one (or three) of this company's offerings.