I recently got a s-2. It is one awesome knife. Definately under rated, a sleeper for sure. ATS-34 blade, titanium handles, frame lock. I am not ure why these aren't more popular than what they are. I also have a m-16 series and a neck peck. Good knives for the money.

Dennis Bible
I have about 6 or 7 CRKT knives, and they are all very well put-together and came extremely sharp. The actions are smooth. I think CRKT makes the best knife for the dollar. And for such a new company, their QC standards are way up there.
Got a M16-12 (tanto, half-serrated)some time back. Got no complains. Whacked the spine repeatedly, just to test - no problems. Easy to open/close, clean. Not pricey. Don't have to worry too much about damaging it or losing it. It's slave to me & not me to it (if it was expensive).
Hope this helps.
I got a Crawford/Kasper LARGE CRKT on Saturday and love the knife. Great ergonomics, great LAWKS security lock for the liner, great action, solid and the price is excellent (knives are expensive here where I live). I like it a lot and plan to buy the Point Gaurd and the small Crawford/Kasper as well.
I like the designs of most of their knives. I own a KISS and have used it for quite a few things. I even used it to cut shingles for a small shed(in Mexico, for a missionary, with no other proper tool available), and it held up pretty well. I definitely needed to sharpen it, but it didn't take much. I myself am quite interested in the S-2, Kind of a Poor-man's Sebenza.

Daniel D.
Today I bought one of the small (3"-bladed) Crawford Kasper Folders. The fit and action on this knife are superb. I chose the semi-serrated version, and the sharpness is easily equal to my Spyderco, Cold Steel, Kershaw, and Buck edges.

The new LAWKS device is easy and natural to engage/disengage. The blade is perfectly centered in the handle with no play in the locked position. The liner engages fully on the tang and still on the left part of tang, the LAWKS just an insurance it won't slip off (it probably wouldn't anyway). Knife sits low in pocket. Although the blade is about Delica-sized, it gives you the impression the knife is bigger due to overall design.

I'm also looking forward to getting the full-sized Point Guard too.
I just picked up one of the Bear Claws for $17 locally. This sweet little jewel will be hanging from my life preserver from now on when I get the urge to take a canoe trip. Anyone have any experience using one of these?


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A few weeks ago, I received the CRKT M16-04 with aluminum scales. When it arrived, I was very pleased with the aesthetics and workmanship. But, the lock was a little sticky and the liner seemed to go too far to the right. So, from the CRKT site, I sent an email to them asking if the liner position were a problem. A couple of days later, one of their representatives called me to discuss my comments. I was impressed to hear from them and we determined that the liner position was fine. The stickiness is gone and I've got a really good knife for the money; plus the satisfaction of "being heard".
I have just cut the palm of my hand with the stiffkiss i bought yesterday
The knife came out of the box preety good, but i have my own taste, so i changed the paracord on the handle and sharpened it a bit ( By the way... am i the only one who can't help to pass a new knife on the stone in order to feeling it mine ? ).Cutting a small loop of black nylon rope i have been careless and...OUCH!!!
Luckily it is a cut that can be remedied with a band-aid,but it burns like hell ( self memo : do not use any oil preserver on the blade before cutting myself...).Anyway the knife is wonderfully sharp and i am very satisfied

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