Anyone ever fell like a expectant father?

Jan 6, 2003
From other peoples notes it seems like the average delivery time runs from 3 days to a little over 2 weeks. SO it will be a game of hope, run to the mailbox, notghing, wait, run to the mail box. Ect... Maybe we are just closet massochist that love the antisipation:)Maybe the first one is the worst one to wait for:)
Numbers count. :)

Depending on where you live, the delivery times differ. I have to wait generally 2 weeks. :(
I live a hundred thirty mile from Reno - but if I send a letter to someone else here in town, it goes overnight to Reno, gets cancelled, and sent back the next morning.

Apparently the old cancelling machines had a belt running it that was unshrouded and OSHA had a hissy. Rather than install a shroud to prevent a worker's sleeves from getting caught, they pulled the old machines! Go figure how the government works (?)

If I call Uncle before noon, I usually have a little yellow card in my mailbox by noon the next day.
I know I sure do, khuk 2 is on the way! Hopefully this one will get here by Friday, but thats just me being optimistic.
Has been different every time. Best time = 2 days. Longest time = 8 days

...:confused: :(
That little yellow slip is a killer. I get home from work right around the time my mail is delivered. Some days I am there to get the package, others there is that cursed slip. It is almost as frustrating/exhilirating as fishing can be.
Mine normally take two days, three days once in awhile. Funny thing about our mail, the USPS notified us last month that our local mail must now go to Spokane to be sorted, a 300-mile round trip.

Used to be if you wrote the street address instead of the PO box number (everyone in town uses a PO box, there's no residential delivery here) the good folks at the post office would put it in your box anyway. Now it will get returned to sender because the sorting machines in Spokane won't recognize the address.

This is not to disparage the folks down at the Post Office. They still know almost all 3000 of us by name and greet us with a smile. Instead it's a sad commentary about customer service being the first casualty of the increasing cost of doing business. :(
Hi, Matt. Takes about 2 days for it to get solidly inn the midwest, sO I'd add a dau or 2 to get waaay up there to Upstate NY.

I miss Syracuse, used to visit up there. Beautiful terrain and forests. Been up to the bog at Vandercamp, NY as I roam the flatlands of Indiana.

It's pretty bad: the waiting. Itching/aching to hold the new handle, feel the balance of the blade. Then the $%^&*( slip! Ours is pink, but the effect is the same, MORE DELAY! I'm waiting for my M43 to arrive, so I know exactly how you feel. The wait for me is usually about 3 days. Each one an eternity.

The Pony Express delivery that I get here in western SD varies on its delivery times. My current package is at 20 days and counting :(

Originally posted by mattjerom
Maybe the first one is the worst one to wait for:)

Heh heh, I thought that too. I figured that once I had a few, the wait wouldn't be so intolerable because I could just play with my other khukuris. I was wrong. I've been incredibly impatient every time I've ordered one:). Delivery times have always been prompt--around two days, and I live in Northern California, about three hours away from Reno.
I still remember the priority mail khukuri that took 45 days to get from Reno to Waco. But I also remember one from Reno to NYC and customer got it next day.

I fell once like an expectant father but I was drunk.
Anyone ever fell like a expectant father?

Uh, well, yeah!! But my wife took care of that for me;):D

Seriously though, yes! I've made trips to the mailbox, Sworn like a pirate. Had the mailcarrier pull into the driveway with a package only to find out it was a box for my wife--scowled at her and went back inside. Dreamt of recieving the khuk, only to wake up without it. So, yep, I know what you mean---just a little:D
After over 30 some odd khuks it's pretty much old hat now when one comes in.
The Bilton was the last received and Bill said they varied "a little" in length and weight.
I found out just how "little" Bill's "little" is!!!!!!!:eek: :rolleyes:

Did I just define the definition of "is?":p ;)

By the way after a once going over the Bilton still hasn't found it's way to the hone nor the safe. It's still setting beside my printer next to where I'm setting even as I write this.:)
I'm still thinking about sharpening it up and putting it on K-P for a while.
I'm still thinking it would be a great addition to the Due Buoi or Two Oxen Kitchen Knives that I bought for my Barbie.
There are none finer anywhere in the world and personally I like them over the highest priced Henckels, Wusthoff, and Global that money can buy!!!!
Their hard chromed steel is to die for!!!!:D
I think it was The mailed on the 7th and here on the 9th. Normaly becuase I work nights when I'm waiting for a package I get up around 3pm to wait on the mail. I wasn't expecting it today so I slept in. About 5:15 I get woken up buy a knock on the door. I knew it was the ak. running down the stairs overalls almost falling off cuase I couldn't get the strape over my shoulders while running I get to the door just in time to catch the mailman yellow slip in hand. I Relieve the mailman of his burden and rush inside to rip open my prize. It was a moment I will remeber with fondness. In the kitchen, torn cardboard packaging on the table, brand new Ak in hand and my overalls around my ankels becuase I still didn't get the strap buttoned. If someone would have had a camera I would be in trouble. As for The Ak It was unbeiveable. Never did I expect anything as nice as this fine piece. Thank you Bob For a frist piece it was all I expected and more. I think you have a new convert:)
The first one is truly a heartstopper.

But even when you get number two, or five or seventeen, the reaction is always, "Gee I thought I knew what to expect by now, but STILL they manage to exceed my expectations!"
Depending on the day of the week that I order a blade makes the difference when it arrives. Even so, it has only taken more than three days to get to me in Smithville,TX once. Things comeing from the east coast have taken a whole week or better.

I won't complain about Uncle Bill's service. As long as that knife gets into my old hands it all works for me. The one time that sure was amazing was one ordered on thursday afternoon and got here about 1:30PM Saturday. Swishing right along.:)
There's a big old, 35" long, black horn chiruwa handled, Tarwar, out there in the mysterious void of USPS land. I expect I'll be doing a bit of pacing over that one. And hey, thanks Uncle "Bob" :rolleyes: :D

Don't take our ribbing the wrong way Matt, everybody on this forum can relate to your excited state. Still, I can't recommend handling sharp cutting tools while your britches are around your ankles.:eek: