Anyone ever fell like a expectant father?

Hi, Matt!

Hey, glad you dig the Ak, it it one of my faves for use as well. Be sure to let us know how it tests out!

One more thing, no big deal, but Rob and I noted the use of "Bob" or "Uncle Bob" in your posts, and wanted to let you know that This is "Bill" Martino, or "Uncle Bill." simple mistake, no harm done, I'm sure we all didn't wanna put you off, so we just sorta glossed over it...

Welcome again to the Cantina! I'm sure the AK is just the start of a beautiful relationship with Uncle and HI.

Yep! Really takes a keyboard to trash out spelling. Funny, when I say Bill's name, I don't add the extra 'n'...

What? His name's not Bob Martinno?