Are Jim Clifton & Cougar Allen the Only Sane Members of this forum?

Are Jim Clifton and Cougar Allen the only sane members of this forum?

  • They're both crazy.

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  • Jim is sane but Cougar is bonkers.

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  • Cougar is sane but Jim has been driven out of his mind by long confinement in a cave containing too

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  • They're both as sane as a rabid wolverine.

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Cougar Allen

Buccaneer (ret.)
Oct 9, 1998
Jim and I are the only sane members of this forum.



As one previously infected by Jim's virulent strain of Kkukuricus Troglididus, I can say with authority that Cougar needs help fast!:eek: I think an immediate air lift rescue to Yvsa's place, where doc will be waiting is needed. If necessary we can keep there till the khuk Konvention, holding daily sweat lodges for him to help rid his system of the poison. Hey, come to think of it, count me in! Sounds like a great vacations--'cept add flute lessons and woodworking lessons to my "treatment" please:D :D :D ;)
Oh oh,

Break out the Intervention emergency plan again...

It is going to be a long summer.

I keep checking this thread because I'm eager to find out whether I'm sane or not (especially after what I just posted in TGB&U). At this point, though, results are so preliminary that just one more vote could make a dramatic shift in my sanity assessment.

For what it's worth, if sanity can be determined by poll and if preliminary results hold up, at this point I seem to be:

25.00% crazy
12.50% bonkers
12.50% sane
50.00% as sane as a rabid wolverine

Stay tuned ... votes are still being counted....
Your Honor:

For the record I'm not saying that either is crazy.

But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and repeatedly makes quacking noises, I'm getting me a duck stamp while we await Fish and Game's determination.
I don't quack!! Coug on the other hand ,"Is a lost ball in the high weeds"!Simply put,"HE'S NUTS"!Me, I'm a kind ,old,Researcher,you all can TRUST me!:D
And Tsimi only says he doesn't
But then he forgets what he sounds like when he misses a khukuri made by
Sure sounds like a "Quacking Noise" to me!!!!:eek: :p :D

Some things are just beyond Tsimi's control.:D
Sigh! NDN, what am I going to do with you?? Why are you this way?? I think you need me to give you counciling!My friend I'm here to help you!
Am I "a lost ball in the high weeds"? Maybe so ... if I'd made that one of the choices it might have got all the votes (I would have included that if I'd thought of it; it's a beautiful phrase). Buuuuuuut ... according to the preliminary results at the moment, I'm saner than you are, Jim! For a long time we were running neck and neck, but I've pulled ahead:

19.05% Cougar is sane but Jim has been driven out of his mind by long confinement in a cave containing too many khukuris.

9.52% Jim is sane but Cougar is bonkers.

Being 19.05% sane is not so bad ... a lot better than being only 9.52% sane! Can you get a driver's license if you're 19.05% sane? How about a License to Carry? Of course that could still change ... it may have changed by the time you read this post ... oh, this is so exciting!

It'd be better if US elections were run this way; it would force the politicians to admit they didn't get a majority to vote for them. (The biggest landslide since WWII was Reagan's re-election, when 20% of the people eligible to vote decided he wasn't as bad as Mondale and voted for him.)
It's so sad! You are gonna lose ,there are just too many , that "KNOW" you are NUTS! You are a perfect candidate for Doc's counciling & his quiet room! I was told not to mention the WORD k
around you!
I was thinking about making a pie chart, but how to color it? If "sane as a rabid wolverine" is colored the same as "sane" that would be a big chunk of the pie for me (bigger than Jim's, too -- nyaa nyaaaaa!) but if "sane as a rabid wolverine" is colored the same as "bonkers" then that would be the biggest slice of the pie.

The one thing that's clear is even though my sanity percentage has fallen since the last time I looked, any way you look at it I'm still saner than Jim is!

I guess when I go to renew my License to Carry the only honest thing to do is to give them the whole picture -- currently I seem to be:

17.39% crazy.
8.70% bonkers.
17.39% sane
56.52% as sane as a rabid wolverine.

I could tell the police chief if you add up "sane" and "sane as a rabid wolverine" I'm 73.91% sane (kind of). Think he'll renew it?

The important thing is the intent of the voters, right? So ... what did the ones who voted me "as sane as a rabid wolverine" mean by that?

This could go to the Supreme Court....