Are Jim Clifton & Cougar Allen the Only Sane Members of this forum?

Are Jim Clifton and Cougar Allen the only sane members of this forum?

  • They're both crazy.

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  • Jim is sane but Cougar is bonkers.

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  • Cougar is sane but Jim has been driven out of his mind by long confinement in a cave containing too

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  • They're both as sane as a rabid wolverine.

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Originally posted by jim_l_clifton
Sigh! NDN, what am I going to do with you?? Why are you this way?? I think you need me to give you counciling!My friend I'm here to help you!

Who needs enemies?!!;) :p :D
Although it isn't included in the polling.

Notice that the poll has only 25 votes on record out of 285+ people who have looked at it?

That suggests to me that 90%+ of the people are too afraid of either the one or the other or both's psychoses to commit themselves for fear of being hunted down like dogs and dispatched for their temerity and bad taste in telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

This may be an indicator of the hitherto unidentified "Q" factor ( for intelligence ) that the IQ testers have overlooked to date.
the board isn't that smart, Rusty.
It doesn't count different person that visits the thread. It just counts the number of times the threads been viewed. If you view it, go back the main page, and go back into the thread, that's two views. When you get guys like me, who can sit here and view a thread with each new post, those numbers can go up really, really fast. :D
Like Dogs?? Coug. would do that, WE know "He" is just plain SICK! I on the other hand am a gentle soul! I could "NEVER" seek that kind of solution to the problem!
jim :p
Of course we're scaring Doc away! He comes here to get away from "troubled" people and winds up counciling droves of 'em!;) :p

Myself NOT included, of course.:D