Are Knife People Tattoo People too?

Ha ha! Good 'un, MM!

Nick volunteered that he has his yahoo pierced--at the studio I got my tattoo, they were giving another patron a "Prince Albert" and I tell ya...that's GOTTA hurt! The piercing is done vertically right at the tip of the big fella and correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there lots of nerves there? Yikes!


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Hi, Donna!

Nick may have been joking about his but there *is* such a thing--women can get their lulus pierced, too, and I'm talking about down there. This does, of course, beg the question "Are Knife People Pierced People too?"


I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

Damn it!!! I replied to the echo on accident. Oh well. Check it out. -AR
Sage whats cool about knife people is that they are so diversified. I saw this when I went to the recent NYC blade show. We come from all walks of life and have all kinds of interests.
I have done a LOT of dumbass things in my life.
Thank God I haventdone ALL of them.

Pierce WHAT?


I'm for real I do have a earring in the head of my yahoo. It does hurt a bit when you get it but now it's fine. By the way I too was at the NY Knife Show. It's a real conversation piece.


I just remembered the time my brother got hit by a car while on a motorsickle. He gets to the hospital, only real problem is a concussion and for some reason, they needed to give him a shot.

In the groin.

Helifino why, mebbe Doc Welch knows.

Anyhow, they explain this, he says in a groggy voice "You're gonna inject MR. WIGGLY!?"

"No, just near Mr. Wiggly"


That was about when he passed out.

Jim March
Nope, I don't have any tattoo's. I would like to get a small one, but my wife hates them!

Got to please the wife, she's the one that lets me spend money on knives....

< Doug >

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One tattoo: a wolf howling on my right deltoid.

It was a 21st birthday present. I did put alot of thought into it and probably wouldn't have gotten anything but a wolf, as I have loved them all my life and don't expect that to change.

Sage: if you have a digital camera, I'd love to see a pic.

Knife tattoos would be kinda cool, but WHICH KNIFE?

Tough choice. Hafta be a classic (e.g., a Randall) or an exceptional blade like a Mad Dog or a Sebenza. IMHO...

Clay Fleischer

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Ok, Nice too know that i´m not the only one here with a pierced dxxk i also have pierced both my earlobes and cartilage of right ear and my nose, 2Sharp the bull!!, used to have a tongue piercing but i hurt my teeth so i removed it, i think that tattooing and piercing goes hand in hand, and i will definitely add more tattoos!!.
Have a nice New Years eve!!

Stay sharp, ride hard, watch six, Keeps ya´alive!!

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A few years ago, I thought about getting an earring, but I didn't have so much cash on me that I could have had the newest cd from Deicide AND the earring. I chose the cd and now I think I won't be getting any kind of piercings or tattoos ever. If I decided to get a tattoo, it would have to be something that I had drawn myself (and I can't draw) because I'd like it to be unique. I also wanted some lip-piercings some time ago, but dropped the idea. And I'd rather cut off the Fellow than pierce it.

My two bits,
Jani all of my tats were drawn by a very good fried of mine. I would never get any tattoo "off the wall"of a tatoo shop. I wouldn't ever want to see someone with the same work as mine.By the way piercing your ear is easy, buy an earring then push it through your ear. Thats how I did all 11 of my earrings!

My first tat was "off the rack" (from the book, actually). A rooster with a hangman's noose around his neck. It's on my right calf, and has been a good money maker. (You figure it out

I have a European dragon (multi-colored) on my left arm, from just above the elbow to the shoulder and a tiger on a mountain on my right arm, again from just above the elbow to my shoulder. Both the tiger and the dragon are unique, designed by me and drawn by the artist, with me keeping the flash so no one else gets the exact design.

I'm fixin to get another one, this time a portrait of my late Father. Likely on my forearm, inside. Not sure about right or left arm yet.
I am but a lightweight. Five piercings that I recall, four the hard way. One of them closed up. It was the safety pin I jammed through my left nipple, and I couldn't keep it when I got into full contact martial arts. I often have to remove my piercings to train and just jam them back through later.
I have a few tattoos and more coming. I just like them. I don't show them off but I don't hide them either, I just get them for me. Hard to explain. They are all custom, original, and have deep significance, usually planned out for years to pay tribute to some major influence in my life. I want to remain nebulus to protect some sort of anonymity on this public forum, so I won't go into details, but one of them does involve a fifth generation Black Cloud Fighting Bowie.
I am discreet about them though. My dad taught me old school values that people with tattoes were losers and troublemakers. and guys with earring were fags. I have found that to be not true today, and am enjoying persuing my own interests while still succeeding in life and being a good guy on the straight-and-narrow. I will never get a tat where I can not cover it up though. Like I said, I am but a lightweight.

So far I have patronaged Streamline tattoo and Avalon, both right off Mission Beach and I highly recommend them. They are regularly awarded and in the magazines. I get top notch work or none at all. After all, it is forever, or until you get laser removal.

Longest time in the chair at once: 6 hours with no break and yes, I am not going to be macho and lie: that one friggin hurt. A few hours of inking is okay, but when you reach that 5 hour mark of getting drilled in the same tender area, it starts getting old and it took everything I had not to jump up and straight blast the artist out of instinct.

Ps- It still amazes me that some of my parents' classical values have not held true. Many of my friends are covered in piercings and tats and none of them do drugs, smoke, or even drink heavily. I was just so engrained growing up that people that looked like that were bad people, that I am so surprised that my friends who are nice looking ("jocks" in high school) are much more deviant in behavior (rampant sex, lightweight drugs, lotsa booze, fighting etc) than my wierd looking friends, who I might add, are also very genuine people (like the majority of knife people).
Not yet. '99 will be the year though. Something simple, something small and most important, something mine.

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Nope. Any one who has ever gotten any kind of secrurity clearance remembers the question about tattoos or other identifying marks...

Got a bunch of scars. It isn't the years but the mileage.

yup. three tats. one piercing. too many knives to count. Question here for chrisJohn, what security clearance asks for identifying marks?? That usually goes in your medical records. Just a note from experience. Also, old joke, but, "no scars, no proof"
You go, Hal! After you get yours, please come back and tell us what'cha got!

thaddeus, I am definitely in love with you now!


I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.