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Are knives a "hobby" or a "pastime?"

Nov 8, 2000
I think I'll call em a pastime fer myself. Most "hobbies" are done with after ya complete sumpin. Knives, on the other hand, you can modify, replace, switch, booger up, lose money on, and STILL not be pissed.

I say its a hobby as an excuse to get more ("Its like stamp collecting...numbers matter") :)
My wife is looking for a local chapter of KCA (knife Collectors Ananomous) for me, something about 12 steps, I can't count that high. Steven
For me, shooting is a hobby. I only get to do it once in awhile, when I have the time.

I use knives everyday. I usually use them without a second thought. I view the analysis of need, the acquisition of useful examples, and the productive use of all of my knives as an integrated part of my daily existence. That activity could not meet the definition of a hobby as it falls somewhere short of water, shelter, and food, but somewhere ahead of almost everything else but love for my family and a need for productive economic activity.

Now, if I were a collector, rather than a user. . . .
mp150: I agree 100% but you can't have enough tools;) .

For me, it's the by-product of an addictive personality, I think. I'm pretty much a gear-hog and love to do research on my chosen interests. As result, I'm constantly looking for the best kit I can have for the things I like to do. While I love the knives I have, it's not really any different than the kayaks I have or the mountaineering gear I have. It's just part of the "hobby" of acquiring gear and the research that goes into it. That said, I don't frequent many climbing or paddling forums(eventhough I do have memberships). I don't think it hurts that higher-end knives (200-500$) don't cost anywhere near what high-end kayaks go for.For the price of one carbon-kevlar kayak, I could have any knife I wanted and spares for each day of the week...
I think of a "Pastime" as being non-active, like watching television or watching spectator sports.

Where a "Hobby" is more active and personal.

Buying/selling/swapping knives, using knives, making knives, collecting knives are a "hobby" by this definition. If someone's involvement with knives is limited to spectating (reading, going to knife shows, etc.) then I would say it's a "pastime" for them.

American Heritage Dictionary
pas·time (pās'tīm')
n. An activity that occupies one's spare time pleasantly: Sailing is her favorite pastime.

American Heritage Dictionary
hob·by 1 (hŏb'ē)
n. pl. hob·bies
An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.

By definition they are virtually the same thing.
Hey Guys..

I think it's more of a lifestyle myself...

There are people that use knives everyday, in fact most people use knives every day..
Most of them don't think anything of it, they use the knife in the kitchen, wash it, and put it away..Most people don't see the difference past the price tag in the kitchen isle at Wal Mart.

Then there are others use use knives,, may carry a pocket knife,, but don't care about the knife or what kind of knife it is...

for us however,, we see knives in a completely different light. How many of us pass the kitchen knives in Wal Mart and stop and handle them, even though they may be of lower quality.. I personally don't think there are many of us that don't at least take a good long hard look...

When we cut something, an apple a sandwich, a steak or a turkey,, it's always an experience.. We savour the cuts we make, and each time that knife,, any knife is used...

There is For sure something different about us.. I believe it's a primal instinct..

Much like hunters.. The smell of fall awakens something in us.. We get restless and our minds and bodies are drawn to the hunt. I know about a month or two before Bear and Deer season starts I start getting restless, can't sleep and dream frequently of hunting..

Knife lovers are the same way.. It is in our DNA...

I believe a true knife lover is born,, not made...

How many of us have experiences with knives at a Very early age.. Lots of us have,,as far back as we can remember...
I remember being probably 3-4 years old and having a yellow rubber knife with an eagle claw pommell holding a ball.. The knife came with a tin or steel sheath with an indian scene of teepees or something of the sort on it...

It's been probably 38 years,, and I remember it as if it was yesterday...

Anyone have one of these as a child ?
I think it was bought at Kresges(SP?)(Before it became K-Mart) in Detroit