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Artsig1, where art thou?

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Jan 26, 2002
I purchased a Surefire light from Artsig1 and paid for it immediately via PayPal on 10-3-04. He said that he would ship it out the next day via Priority Mail. A week passed and it did not arrive, so on 10-12-04 I emailed to ask how it was shipped because I assumed it would have been here by then. He replied that he had not shipped it yet but would get it out that day via Priority Mail. Another week passed without the light arriving, so I emailed again on 10-18-04 to inquire on the status of the transaction. This time I got no response. It's now been 2-1/2 weeks and no light. When I sell an item, I make sure to ship it out within a day or two. If I couldn't, I would at least email the buyer and explain that I'm having problems. I think I've been very patient but wanted to hear from others to see if maybe I'm out of line. Has anyone here had any dealings with Artsig1? Does the length of time that's passed seem reasonable to you? Thanks for your input, Shane
Art is a good guy. I don't know why this one has taken him so long, but he'll get it to you.
I bought a Case slipjoint from Art in the last couple months and he shipped right after he got my money order. He sells alot on the forum so I wouldn't worry about not getting your light, he will come thru...Ed.
Has anyone here had any dealings with Artsig1?

I have delt with him and he is top notch. Not sure whats up with the light, but I am sure it will work out for you.
I purchased a MT Socom Elite from Art , and had an excellant experience. I am sure there is a good reason for the delay.
The first custom I bought off the forums was from Art,when I was a lurker and it went smooth as silk.Art's a standup guy,I bet it will all work out. :)
Another thumbs up for Art. Great guy to deal with.
Hiya' Shane. Sorry on the delay in getting it out. It did go out Wednesday via USPS Priority and should be there today.

Thanks for the good words guys!!
Just finished a deal with Art, smooth and exactly as he described, very good to do a deal with. :D

Robbie Roberson ;)
Just an update...The light arrived yesterday and was professionally packaged. Art also included a free Tad Gear sheath and an extra set of batteries. I am super pleased with the transaction but admit I was a little worried for awhile. I'm moving this weekend and was afraid that the light might not be delivered to the correct address. I filled out a change of address form at the Post Office but every time I've moved, I've had some mail that I did not receive. Anyway, all is well. Art, thanks again for the great light and the extras. Shane