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Attention all members!!!! Scammer alert!!!!

For $650.00 bucks,i'd be making a road trip......
Never send that much as a gift unless you know them
really well......
Thanks for the warnings....
Hi Karda I am new to this site and havnt a bleedin clue how to use it. I sent an e-mail to Sticky about how do I go about in selling some of my blades such as Laguiole and Perceval I am normally on a multitool site but as I have folding blades people there are more interested in Leatherman and Victorinox which I use alot for my fishing multitool.o.r.g is the name where I have some feedbacks cheers again Lads

reason for contacting you is cos you probably have as many posts as the moderators around here =)

many thanks Cody
what kind of scam are they running so we can look out for when they use a new name

We agreed to a knife trade and I sent a fairly valuable folder, a ZT 0561. In return he sent a box of random junk that I in no way agreed to or was interested in. His excuse was that the package was intended to be sent to someone else and they must have been mixed up. Then communications stopped.
Bigshoe, you're in the wrong thread for this bro. This thread is very old and Karda (who started it) has since been banned. If you wish to raise this matter here, start a new thread with as much detail and as necessary to get the facts across in a comprehensible manner. Sorry to hear about your troubles.
I had a guy in NC wanting to buy a knife from me. He did not want to pay up front instead he wanted me to send him the knife 1st. I told him I don't work that way. he got all "offended" that I did not trust him waa waa waa. I told him look if I don't sell you a knife my kids will still eat but I'm not going to get scammed either it happens all the time.