Attention Members Wanting Work Done (READ ME!!!)

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Nov 9, 2009
This is the only forum for you to solicit work, like aftermarket parts, custom knife builds, repairs to an existing knives, or other related work. The discussion should revolve around that topic only. As such, follow these guidelines to make things go smoother for you the customer and the knife maker/craftsman that will be working for you. The only people that can respond to your requests are makers and craftsmen with the supporting orange membership. Anyone else caught trying to weasel their work without the appropriate membership will be infracted.

DO NOT post requests all over the forums, they will just get moved here, so make it easier on yourself and everyone else. Start your thread here, not in General Knife Discussion or in the manufacturers sub fora. You may even get hit with a warning for failing to read this very sticky'd thread. (These are written for you, to help YOU get the most out of your experience here. It only works when you read them.)

Make sure you fill out your profile information. Yes it does matter. How are people supposed to contact you when you have no email listed or location information? Location and activating email through your profile should be a good enough start. IF you are asked for a phone number, its your choice to provide it or not.

Don't waste the craftspeople or makers time trying figure out where on Earth you are, how to contact you, etc. It's frustrating and they have much better things to do than that.

Be specific with your request. If you just "want a little work done to this one folder", that isn't going to cut it. List the details of what you want done, you want a new back spacer? You want stand offs? You want some sweet G10 scales with carbon fiber inlays? Then say so, skilled craftsmen are not all mind readers.

Communication is necessary. Don't ask someone to make you something and then vanish. That is lame and just plain childish. If you cannot complete the work or cannot pay for the work, let the other person know as soon as possible. Be respectful of one another's time, requests, advice, and suggestions.

As always, if you have questions, please ask the moderators or start a thread in Tech Support.
Not open for further replies.