Attractive gentleman's folder for under $100?

Oct 2, 1998
Hello all, and seasons greetings.

I am looking for an attractive, small folder for a good friend. Blade length must be reasonable, preferrable around 3 inches or less, and it needs to be pretty and ergonomic. I can go over $100 if needed, but I am not looking to spend a lot.
I would prefer something with anything but a black handle, but a black handle is okay as long as it is an attractive, non-tactical design.
A belt clip would be knice, but with or without a belt clip is fine.
This is for a non-knife user and will probably need to be small and discreet so it gets carried instead of left in a drawer. It will be used mostly for food cutting and occasional box opening.

how about some sugggestions?

I have my own ideas, and will post them later, but would like to hear some fresh ideas first.

BM-330 looks pretty nice. Never played with one for very long, so not sure how it holds up though.


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I agree with Chang, you can take a look at the BM330. The Benchmade December knife of the month BM330 looks very nice, it even has a pocket clip unlike the original version.


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Take a look at the lockback knives available from AGRussell: knives. You can get wood, abalone, damascus, etc, most for under $100. High quality, non tactical knives. Scroll all the way down the page and check out several of the knives shown. I think it a really nice set of reasonably priced gents carry knives.


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How about a Spyderco Dragonfly in stainless or carbon fiber? Or maybe something from Gigand.



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My two have already been taken. The December KOTM 330 from BM (looked at one yesterday), and the Spyderco Dragonfly I just got. Paid $40 for the Spydie.

Or, you could add $20 to your budget and get him a BM 940 Osborne.

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Take a look at the William Henry S07. This knife lists for $150 so I am not sure what it is available for, but what a great looking knife.
Agree with almost all of the suggestions above. I would like to add a couple of folders that are sometimes overlooked. The first would be the Al Mar Ultralight Hawk in black micarta. The second would be the Kershaw Hawk with titanium handles. They both are slim, and both are usually underrated.

PS. Both are coincidentally named 'Hawk.'
Just thought of another one. I got my grandfather one of these a few months ago, but don't know the model #. It's a Case canoe 2-blade folder, limited edition (there were 2500, I believe), with blue (it's wood, but I don't know what kind) scales, polished blades and bolsters.
Beautiful little knife. Paid $60.
Case also makes them with various handle materials (bone, stag, etc.), but the blue is by far the most attractive, IMO.

Forgot all about it, until mnblade mentioned the peanut.

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O-o-o-p-p-s-s-s! Forgot something...
Frantium, you are quite right: KERSHAW Ti-Hawk is very nice gentleman's knife, here is mine

It can be replaced with smaller brother Wild-Turkey if smaller knife is required.

CRKT Mirage Titanium is cool knife also.
You can see it here.

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Originally posted by Paracelsus:
Take a look at the lockback knives available from AGRussell: knives. <snip>

I'll second this - you can get some nice ATS-34 based knives for under $100 from them. I went through this exact search a few months back - they are your BEST bet

BTW I just ordered a custom folder <g>

You might try the William Henry Global line of folders the are priced right around $100. High quality workmanship and they include a nice leather clip pouch.

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1. William Henry Evolution, S07-G (attractive and a real user).
2. CRKT Mirage Titanium. Without the clip it disappears in the pocket of even dress clothes.
3. Spyderco Almite Navigator. Beautiful and strong.

I'll second the vote for the spyderco dragonfly. I have to dress in a suit every now and then. The smooth polished finish of the dragonfly slabs, lack of visible pins and hinge joint make it look very elegant. I've also found the clever handle/blade choil very well positioned to use the knife for delicate tasks. Could probably do surgery with it if necessary!
Take a look at the picture of the new Benchmade BM 770 Osbourne knife on the " New Benchmade knives" thread. I don't know the price but what a beautiful knife.