Balisong Club

Mar 28, 2000
Balisong is becoming more popular than ever, since the start of the internet age. It is much easier to get informations, and communicate to balisongers and swingers around the world. Don't you think it's about time we get organized and form a club

If we have a club, we could organize competitions and exhibition, just like what they do in xtreme sports ( skate boarding, BMX, Surfing...). The club could solicit for sponsors ( Bench, Microtech..) for trophies, Medals...Anyway, they are the one who would benifit it most
Well,hopefully we'll get around to something like that with the new club that has been started on the balisongfans website :)
Yes- I have seen the club that is being organized at and it is a good initiative to start with :)

I hope they'll start ellecting officers soon and have it registered to make it more formal.
A balisong club is a great idea, but we really need something to get this thing going. There was a thread about this before, and the suggestion of making something bali-related we could wear came up: Rings, wristbands, etc..

Personally, I think we should get a someone to make us metal pins (small ones: e.g. 1"x1") with a special design that we can all wear to show we're part of 'the club'.

Or, as silly as this may sound, a balisong membership card which we could carry in our wallets to look extra cool.. much cooler than the average Joe.

If anyone is actually interested in this sort of thing, please post you ideas... we can then determine what to make, how much it'll cost, and who would be interested in pitching in to get it done by a professional. We can then determine how many to get made, and have someone be in charge of distributing them.

I also love the idea of having some sort of regulated competetion or exhibition.. Great idea, Armand - could get a lot of people into balisongs. Perhaps this could change the bad image given to the balisong.
I maintain my website in my spare time. In fact, it takes 95% of my spare time. Any suggestions that anyone has, please let me know. Anyone who wants to volunteer their services to further the club, please let me know. I would really like to see the club grow and expand, but I am doing everything myself.

You guys have a lot of great ideas and and ambition. I look forward to all of us coming together and really going somewhere with these ideas.
Payback, I could put a link on my site directly to the balisong club. Just like what I did with BALISONG FORUM. Also you need to convice other major Balisong sites, Balisong manufacturers and dealers to exchange links. By putting the clubs logo or name on their sites ( BalisongExtreme,, BalisongCollector, Bench, Microtech...) It would help promote the organization.

First, we need to have an official logo and name. Do you have anybody who could design it?

I also like Kentdog's idea of having a balisong membership card and metal pins;)
Payback, your site (IMHO), is setting up nicely to become more than what it is. Your logos and design are clean and simple. I really don't think we need a new name or logo. I've been part of every thread concerning this mystery object that we should all carry. Rings, pins, t-shirts, balis, cards and more have been suggested. I think that to start out, some simple lamenated cards would be a great idea. They should be relatively cheap, leaving our options open to upgrade to a ring or something more expensive. On the card: Name, your "AKA", Club logo, Club motto (if we can think of anything), and a number based on the order in which you join. In the future, should there be officials, the cards would change to reflect your position in the club.

So in any case, my vote goes for the card, as it won't be that much money or work, and we can always do more later when the club "blossoms" a little more.

John, I don't know what kind of help I could offer for the club, but I'm offering it. :) My nights and weekends are almost always open and I'm enthused about helping you out. Let me know.
I like the idea of a club balisong, if enough of us get together maybe we can turn on more and more people and possibly have a chance to change the laws regarding balisong's. I know it is a long shot but it is possible!!!!! I hate the lack of knowledge and misconception of this beautiful folder.
I support the card idea as our first step. We'll leave the name as "Club Balisong", and have a special design as well. Should we hold some sort of contest for designing the logo?

I'll start working on a rough sketch of how this will be layed out... of course my voice isn't final; anyone can add ideas and change my ideas.

We will also need to look for someone that will laminate and make these cards.
I think this is a great idea (not that it really matters what i say) :)
I would love to be part of this organization..
and my services (being as they are) are yours...
Let me know how i can help
good idea, making those cards.

any help i can offer (web stuff, brainstorms, organization, whatever) is yours.

OK guys, I made a few contacts today. Things are looking good for Club Balisong. Give me some time to work and the club will be everything you want it to be and more.

Thank you to everyone who is willing to help with the growth of the Club. I will be in contact with you guys soon with things I need help with.

To start, we will have a contest for the Club Balisong logo, which will be started on another thread.
Well,we could still call the club something else,something which might sound a little more "official" as time goes on.These are just a few ideas:

The International Balisong Organization (I.B.O.)
The International Balisong Club (I.B.C.)
United Balisong Enthusiasts (U.B.E.)
International Balisong Enthusiasts (I.B.E.)

No matter what,I believe we should start out with the membership cards.It's the best place to start,and after we either gain endorsements or funds generated by members,then we can start offering other items.

The only thing I can really help with right now is ideas.I'm a broke puppy,and I don't have enough knowledge of computers to be able to do anything with website upkeep & such.
Hey, this is my first time posting on here, but I do read this board on a regular basis. I must say, this club is a great idea!

Count me in.

Welcome to the forums Enigmatic, Count me in on that club too. I'm nuts about balis, hopefully I'm going to get a 42 soon, right now i just have a pos jag.