Balisong Club

International Balisong Enthusiasts sounds just about perfect.
"International" - This word is a MUST for being an internet based org.
"Balisong" - Can't figure out why this word is in there ;)
"Enthusiasts" - This is a very harmless word which could only "help our cause" so to speak. Better than "Demonic Baby Slayers" anyhow :D
To me, the word "United" in an organization's title, may make us seem a little hardcore. Anybody can be an enthusiast, and as long as they abide by the very easy to follow rules, anybody can join.
but i kinda liked "demonic baby slayers"... :( ;)
I.B.E. is the best, i think. non-offensive in every sense. its name suggests an inclusive organization of a bunch of friendly people with a common interest. non-threatening, not a "union," etc.

p.s. - i love this new smilie! :barf:
A membership card or something like that would be cool. I would contribute in any way I could.
Well said,Blasto.

I had just tossed the "United" bit in there as just one of the ideas.I do believe that "International Balisong Enthusiasts" is the best possible name,for exactly the reasons that you mentioned.But,I had to throw in a few others as well,since it really should be up to the members of the club to choose what they think would be best.
"Club Balisong" could still be used as the name of our little home on the internet,since everything is still in the budding stages at the moment.
I've spent some time thinking of what combination of words will make abbreviation "B.A.L.I.S.O.N.G.", or something bali related word. In these days any abbreviations equal or shorter than three letters seem to be all used up by somebody else.