Becker Brute, Camillus Large Trapper and others

well, i bought one of the beckers and i received an email saying that he sent it out but it returned to him for some reason about two days ago, so he asked for my address again. ill let you guys know if i ever get it.
He replied that he got my MO and was going to ship the next day, that's the last I've heard. He shows activity here on BF almost everyday, but hasn't replied to my questions on the status.

Hopefully it will show up soon
got an email today that said my knife and the others went out yesterday. sounds promising...
Got an e-mail as well. I'm optimistic that this was all just a mistake and is going to work out.
got mine as well. i am pleased all was well. a bit slow on the shipping, but i would be ok with doing business with again