Beckerhead check-in thread

Apr 20, 2013
#339 here surprisingly still around and not incarcerated.

I was thinking more like not having accidentally opened up your skull entirely with a spike hawk...but glad to see you're good.

345, I check the boards every once in a while.

...and go to the Northeast Gathering

Beckerhead #346 is still rolling around. I don't know how I missed this one when it started. Guess I was asleep at the keyboard. :cool:

Also good to see.

I am still here, accidentally extended my membership for another couple years, too - I don't check in as often as I'd like, mostly owing to my inability to manage the time suck of social media. ADHD challenges. Following a lot of you on IG, tho that's become a time management challenge as well....

Great idea for a thread, Jonny.