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Benchmade Bugout, Mini Freek, Barrage


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Nov 21, 2015
Hello I have some Benchmade’s today.

Prices include shipping and fee’s. I accept PayPal or MO only. Not looking for trades on these. Prices are not firm, feel free to offer. PM me for more pics.

Benchmade Barrage - BNIB - $OLD
Bought this new and it has sat in the box ever since. It is perfectly centered and a outstanding example.
49344AF6-D472-44B4-A155-89148DE9A690.jpeg 5EDA3F17-EAEC-426E-AD7C-57778B64A02E.jpeg

Benchmade Mini “Super” Freek - LNIB - $SOLD
bought this secondhand and the seller claimed it was new. From what I can tell it is new but I listed like new since I’m the second owner. This is a fine example.
Action, lockup, and centering are perfect.
F429154A-BA64-43C8-B4AF-AEDBEE61FD59.jpeg 9456CE0F-9D7D-4406-A0DC-60AA161C49CA.jpeg

Benchmade Bugout - USED - SOLD
I have used and loved this knife for sometime. It is time for it to go to a new home though. It is a bit of a franken Bugout as it has blue thumb studs from another Bugout. I am also including some OEM blue scales that are like new taken from another knife.
This knife is awesome. Extremely snappy and great action. It was sharpened a month or so ago but could use a touch up. The olive drab scales look like they have been gnawed on some and there is plenty of signs of use all over the knife.
56887357-1332-4901-9A13-11A0AE2F063E.jpeg F1B6EED5-8D30-49B9-B762-ECD69F4D45A4.jpeg F2D4AD49-F70A-4465-8E72-8272CA94DA1F.jpeg 64866673-6E6A-400E-AAD8-2C491C16301E.jpeg 826B0D55-0D81-4803-9CB8-0138B7141AB1.jpeg 56C4FB9E-D21B-46CF-9457-B212D0656BA2.jpeg
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