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Dec 10, 2000
I don't have any fixed blade knives so I was thinking about buying one. I would spend up to $200 on one. I just need to know which one to buy with that amount of money. I saw some Cold Steel knives that I liked but I also like some of the Kabars. Tell me what you would buy. Thanks.
Two Hundred eh?
Well, I would have to ask you what you would be using it for.
Is it staying in the city, or is she going into the woods a few nights a month on a backpacking trek? Will you be chopping wood or slicing salmon steaks? How long of a blade do you need?
Anyway, I would look at the Busse basics,To start with. They are in your price range and are hard to beat.
Later, Jeff
Allen Blade might have what your looking for, especially since it would then be a custom and a great deal! The patrol Bowie is excellent and under $200, size 5"-13". I prefer a custom knife over a production knife. You can customize it like you want to, length, steel,etc.
His website is copy and paste it..

Try him,

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Sorry I forgot to include what it would be used for. It will be used on camping/hunting trips for camp and that sort of thing. It doesn't matter what size blade just as long as it is in the $200 price range.
Cold Steel Recon Scout.

This is the shortened (7&1/2 inch blade) version of the Carbon V Trail Master Bowie knife, and would be an excellent choice as a "camp knife.

As a bonus, you would also have some change coming back from your $200.

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My current pick would be a Marble Arms model with a 52100 alloy blade. I would order direct from the factory (unfortunately paying full retail price) and have them replace their small ribbon guard with their larger optional guard. The combination of fine materials, design, and workmanship offers great performance at a reasonable price. Take a look at the Plainsman for example:
Yes, I have some info on BENCHMADE Nimravus Cub, you can find it here.

For $200 you can get also two Fällkniven knives, for ex. S1 Forest Knife for general camping and their model WM1 for gentler tasks.

BTW, I'm not sure that something like "the best knife" exists at all. All depends on your personal liking and use knife is intended for.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Sergiusz Mitin:
For $200 you can get also two Fällkniven knives, for ex. S1 Forest Knife for general camping and their model WM1 for gentler tasks.
<img src="" alt="" align=right>I actually was going to suggest the S1, but the S1 + WM1 <img src="" alt="" align=left>really is one of the best combinations there are.

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How about anything from Bob Dozier? For less than the specified $200 amount you get a true custom, name recognition for resale, superb D2 steel, great heat treat, super sheath, designs that will cut anything and for a long time.
I second the suggestion re: Bob Dozier's knives. The knives and sheaths are awesome! THE best value in hand made custom knives around. The steel he uses (D2) is better than most of the steels used in the other knives suggested. It holds an edge far longer than any other steel I have personally used (and I've tried quite a few).

Bob's knives are made to be real users, so no need to baby them. The Fällkniven knives are also good choices. I personally think their hunting knife (a modern version of the Finnish Puukko) would be the best choice in their line.

My $0.02 worth.

Get a pair of Fallknivens; one for tough stuff and one for delicate cutting and slicing. They are good value for the money.

One the other hand. stretching your budget just a tad and shopping on the forums for the NIB or LNIB Chris Reeve One Piece would be a good investment and will provide you with a quality, tough, lifelong tool.
If you are doing general utility and woods work I'd with a basic 7 or 9 and then maybe a Spydie folder of your preference. I have seen a basic 9 go for $140 around here and a Basic 7 for $105 shipped. You could pick a Spydie military for $65- $80 around here too. A cutting team like that is very hard to beat. Just my experience and opinion though. ~L
Marbles has to be one of the best deals on the market. You can get a Sport99 Loveless design for $69 in micarta through the net (but not through Marbles direct). May be worth the extra dough, though, to get the bigger guard.

Here are 5 of the best deals for a fixed blade out there (IMO, of course).

1. marbles
2. bob dozier
3. GenO Denning
4. Allen Blade
5. marbles

These are custom (2, 3, and 4) or near custom (1 and 5) quality.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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For $110.00 retail(I know you can find it for much less on the net) the Camillus Becker
magnum camp is a great knife
You might want to consider a khukuri if you forsee any chopping. The traditionial khukuri's represented on the forum come with a smaller knife and steel. The Himalayan imports smaller knives are quite useful. I have not sampled Gurkha House lately. Most of these khukuri's are within the $200 price range.

For something more conventional a Busse #5 might be worth considering (also under $200).


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