Best fixed blade knife ...

Fallkniven S1 and WM1.. Great Pick..
The WM1 in the kydex neck sheath is perfect for daily carry/use.. Handles just about everything..
The S1 in an OS/T Concealex Sheath with IWB carry covers all other tasks.. Great Dive Knife also..

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With $200, I wouldn't be looking at production knives, even though there are some good ones mentioned here. Get yourself a handmade or better yet a custom. Why not get just what you want, type of steel, blade shape, handle material, a knife that you know isn't one of a thousand?
May I suggest, Allen Blade, Max Burnett, Mike Cooper, GenO Denning all members right here on the Forums?

Heck, you can win one here for a buck and help out a good cause at the same time.

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For about $25.00 more than your given amount and some patience, you could buy a Randall 6" Hunter's Bowie like my 40 year old one. I dearly love that knife and would not trrade or sell it for anything.

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