Best folding knife to come out in the past 4 months?

<font size="4" color="#FF0000">Microtech LCC</font>

<font size="4" color="#FF0000">Darrel Ralph EDC</font>

And not necessarily in that order!

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LCC all the way! hard to belive the quality of this knife... carbon fiber scales,ti bolsters,154cm blade...for little money in comparison to other so called production knives, whats not to like?
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I think though, without a doubt, the Sebenza has to take top honors.

I knew someone was going to say this

the Al Mar knife looks decent, but can't fidn a picture of the MT LCC. LCC a lightfoot knife? what does it stand for?


LCC means "Lightfoot Compact Combat", as named by its designer Greg Lightfoot. This knife exists in a custom version by its maker, and was made into a production model by Microtech. As you can read in tons of recent posts, this knife has taken fellow forumites by storm. Most people claim that it looks and feels like a custom folder, and that its dealer price ($120-130) is ridiculously low for the quality you're getting. I haven't had the opportunity to handle the knife, but I sure am tempted to get one after reading so many positive comments about it!

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For me the absolute best knife of the last 3 or 4 months is the BM 940 Osborne. The LCC, Chinook, SERE 2000, and Boa are great but I tend to carry smaller knives when it comes to everyday carry. The compact 940 is perfect sort of longish gentlemen's knife.
Microtech LCC. I'm astonished that I've payed more for Benchmades and Spydercos. Hell, this knife is of higher quality than a custom Tighe Tac that I had the misfortune of owning for 2 days (which runs 450.00 new). The LCC is BY FAR the best knife to come out in a long time and should be in a different classification than Spydercos and Benchmades. It puts all other production and semi-production knives to shame when comparing materials, fit and finish, and price. The Sebenza is a great knife, but the LCC trumps it in all categories IMHO. It is less expensive and built at least as well. I haven't been this excited about a knife since I acquired my Terzuola ATCF w/ CF handles (the LCC is of comparable quality). I haven't handled the SERE 2000, but have read nice things about it.

After much discussion on the Lightfoot LCC I went to a shop to check one out. I have to say that for a production piece (albeit high retail tag) it' s fit, finish, action and to a degree its ergonomics are quite impressive. I handled 5 different variations and all of their lockup seems 100%. The carbon fiber scales need to be a bit rounded off and rough blasted. A smooth finish for a "tactically" marketed folder is, to be honest, quite useless.
And if only it was tip down carry I' d have one for personal use by now.

I have heard so much about the MT LCC. Recently, I was fortunate enough to see and feel one in my hands.
It is a marvellous piece of engineering. I was most impressed.

Some say it is a "steal" considering its low price (in America) of US130. Over in Malaysia, it is not on sale but one can get one in Singapore. Translated to my country's currency it is a better part of $750. That's not a small sum.

I suppose this is an unpleasant consequence of currency exchange abnormaly between countries. How I wish it were much cheaper in Malaysia.

Perhaps the Microtech people will come up with a brilliant idea and market their products at affordable prices here.

Before I venture any further, permit me to congratulate Greg Lightfoot on a wonderful knife (LCC). I can almost feel his genius while scrutinising the bolsters and the locking system of the blade. Simply stupendous. Kudos to good old Greg the knifemaker, the hunter, the bladesman par excellence.

Perhaps one day, I will own one LCC. Until the day comes, I will continue to look forward to more of Greg's marvellous creations. If LCC is an indication of his talents, I will wait most eagerly.


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<a href=""><img src="" align=right alt=""></a>The Schrade Lake & Walker isn't perfect, but it's close in several ways.
But I don't think it's been made in large numbers compared to some others mentioned, and there could well be something else which isn't much known but still good, nor am I ready to give it a final judgement after only couple of months.

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Just got my Sere...the pics don't do it justice - you've just got to handle it to appreciate it's rugged sleekness...the grippy scales, the "thock!" (no whimpy "click") of the beefy liner lock...the hair poppin' sharp blade on delivery... can you tell I like it?
The best knives out there, you`ll have to buy used.
MT was mentioned. How are you going to beat the L-UDT or The SOCOM D/A for users?
A few posts have stated they got an LCC for less than $150. Can you please tell where?
It's definitely the Benchmade 940.

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Well since it looks like we are including handmade knives then I would vote for Darrel Ralph's MADD MAXX. I should have mine in a couple of weeks.
Looking into my crystal ball I predict that the MT Amphibian and DeltaZ Osprey will be big hits. I think in the next few months we are going to see some great knives from both the manufacturers and the custom knife makers.
This is going to be a great time for us. With all of the new locking mechanisms and assisted opening systems coming along, we are going to see some very innovative knives. I can hardly wait.