Best folding Tanto?

Oct 14, 1998
hey guys,
which folder with a tanto blade do you consider the best? cast your votes. any size is okay, but i'm thinking probably in the 3-4" range.
thx for you thoughts and opinions,
Right now, I have only one style of folding tanto, the Cold Steel Voyager, in both 4" and 3" blades, plainedge. I can only say, based on what I have now, I like these knives! The double hollow grind helps to avoid the problems often associated with chisel grinds. Although I feel the points are strong, there is a slight trade-off for me as far as my general daily utility uses. The Voyagers' locks are VERY strong
and the knives are lightweight. I do wish Cold Steel would change to black stainless steel clips...the molded clips are probably the one thing I'd change(the larger Voyager looks like Gumby peeking out when it's clipped to my pocket)
I have two I carry daily, a large tanto SOCOM, and a BM Stryker. They are both hollow ground, and they both do well (for me) as utility and daily chore knives and serve well as back up defense, especially the tanto SOCOM. The blade on this one is simply beautiful. I was lucky to get a nib one from another member here for $250, and it was worth every penny as this is an incredibly well made and constructed knife. The Stryker is great too and reasonably priced. Hope this helps!

I don't carry one myself but I can tell you the best selling one on our site is the Benchmade Stryker so it's obviously popular with plenty of people. Take care.

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Without going to a custom knife, and ruling out automatics (I sharpened a Customs Agent's Stryker Auto today, pretty awesome) I like the full size Stryker, but I really like the SOCOM tanto. The more I see of Microtech, the more I am lead to believe that these are the best factory made knives in the U.S. It's been my experience that Cold Steel are more expensive than their materials warrant, although they've pretty much popularized the tanto.

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I have 2 BM Strykers that I love. A 910 w/ satin clip, and a 910BT with no clip. They fit my hand perfectly. -AR
The best, by far, has got to be the new Mission MPF1 Steel Tanto. Dexter will be doing a review soon as will Mike and Spark.

Jon303 - The SOCOM and Stryker are both modified saber flat grinds. I've owned both and sold both. While at first I loved both knives, I soon determined that there was something about the handle shape that didn't quite do it for me. The cut-out for the index finger seemed too far back for the way I normally grip a knife. However, I will say that both were very comfortable in the reverse grip, but I don't use my knives in that grip.

Every Cold Steel folder I've handled had suffered blade wiggle. Sure, the lock is strong, but I like a blade that is rock solid in the open position.

I'm sure there are a few of you who will disagree, but the most comfortable grip with the strongest lock-up has been my BM 970X. The position of my index finger in relation to my thumb puts it's design ahead of all others I've tried. Regarding the chisel grind - once I got used to it I've had no complaints. The great thing is there are a lot of styles out there to satisfy just about everyone. I've owned a lot of knives and have sold most of them. I still hang on to my 970, though!

Now, if I can only get that all elusive Emerson CQC7 with plain grey spearpoint blade...

My $0.02 worth,
Mission Knives ....

Where can you purchase the new MPF1 Tanto Folder at? What is the retail? The steel? How rust resistance is it?

Can't find any pics or specs at any dealers or web sites, including yours! May be I am missing it ....


Emerson CQC7 (I have the XL Benchmade Model) gets my vote for best handle ergonomics, and extremely solid lock-up, as well as awesomely smooth actions, though I don't care for the chisel grind.
For me, the Mission MPF with the steel tanto blade is the best folding tanto yet.

Mark: The steel is A2, the coating TiAlNi. If you want, I can send you some pictures of mine.

Not too crazy about the A2 tool steel, but with the coating I might like ....

Please do, send me some scans of yours that is!

TIA Ralf




There is a picture of a prototype MPF1 Tanto on the Mission Web Page. Check out the links on the home page then go to manufacturers then Mision. It is under In The News.

Thanks Mike200 ... didn't check out that link before. The proto type looks nice, would still like to see a couple actual scans.

I have the MPF ti blade. Love all of the knife except I don't care for the ti blade.
Tanto blades are my fav, too. So this may be something I have to invest in. Could be as close to my perfect knife if only the tanto blade were made of CPM-440V or BG-42.
But, I may go for this one anyways. All the features including the size are to my specs except the blade steel. Can't beat the size, thickness, and construction of the ti handle and integral lock on this knife, that's for sure!

The Mission web site says it is M2 steel, not A2. Not familiar with tool steels at all. What are the specs of A2 and M2 and which is actually a better steel?

Also, the retail price must be a lot lower than the MPF ti bladed one, right? What dealers are selling it now?

I bought my MPF ti while vacationing in CA. last summer from a knife store in downtown San Diego. Got it much cheeper than retail.

Got to go now, work day is over.


benchmade 975 is the best folding tanto i have handled. i liek the feel, the finish and i like the chisel grind.
Not really a folder, but the BM 44 balisong has got to rate right up there for rock solid dependability.
As a manufacturer, there never seems to be enough time to take pictures of the knives.

It almost makes sense to have a full time publicist/historian to do all of this work.

A picture of the uncoated blade is below, but all of the 6 prototypes have been coated with Ti Al Nitride. This coating is working very well since it is a vapor deposition technology and not a "sprayed on black paint type system."

Ralph, so far, how is the knife working for you. We have 4 left of the 6 prototypes, now available for sale. Ralph has one and Mission will be keeping one. This is a unique one-of-a-kind product opportunity.

After testing all different types of tanto blade grind options and conferring with numerous custome makers and operators, we decided that in order for a tanto to work correctly, it needs the following, all of which the MPF-Tanto has. Also, a survey went out to about 300 customers and 98% said they prefer A2 tool steel for the blade.

Tanto must haves...
1) Slight blade belly
2) Dual grind
3) Tip - lower angle of attack (from centerline of the blade) giving it more penetrating power.

Hope this helps,